Haibane Renmei

Episodes – 13
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1


This is the last series I wanted to re-do in 10-bit because I wasn’t satisfied with my original.

Frame rate fixed, haloing (hopefully) fixed, and OP/ED linkings fixed.

112 Responses to Haibane Renmei

  1. LMN writes:

    Hmm comparing this currently to DmonHiro’s release – and have to say I like Dmon’s version more. Less grain, much smaller filesize, no choppy playback.
    Only too bad that the sound’s done in AAC. Would’ve preferred it in FLAC.

  2. slasha writes:

    Well, coalgirls release has more detail and more grain preserved, but it’s croped more and has choppy playback.
    If I compare them running simultaneously on my two screens, I’d say coalgirls looks better. If it wasn’t for the choppy playback, I would definitly go with coalgirls. Wonder how DmonHiro fixed that.

  3. someguy writes:

    thx for the great release and i want to ask some questions.
    why has episode 7 far worse video quality than the other episodes and why does episode 11 has no op and ed?

  4. slasha writes:

    There seems to be something wrong with the ordered chapters. First episode has an OP even though there is none on the dvd version. And, as said above, episode 11 lacks OP and ED completely.

  5. Just wondering... writes:

    Wow, what a mess. To sum it up (so far)

    – choppy playback
    – Episode 1 with intro ? Really ? my original DVD and DmonHiros BD version has no intro.
    – No Intro/Outro in Episode 11.

  6. slasha writes:

    A v2 would be great since your release looks better than what’s out there so far.

  7. melancholyofanon writes:

    Someone tell me how to get the OP and ED to play right. I have them in the same folder.

  8. Guttu writes:

    @melancholyofanon:Haali media splitter ,install ,activate ,play and it will work fine.But this is truly one of the worse BDs ever and shouldnt have been created or even encoded by anyone at all

  9. Fag-Simile writes:

    ” It will be slightly choppy. The BDMV was poorly rendered, so it had a weird telecine pattern that often skipped telecined frames. ”

    The BD is not telecined at all, it is full progressive 29.97 fps. The BD is indeed an upscale, it’s not that bad but definitely not worth 1080p. The SD masters seem to have a lot of noise and some episodes are really blurry, it can’t be helped. Anyway, a good release should fix the noise (obviously not deliberate, and this is not film grain) and most of the halos amplified by the Q-Tec upscaler.

    Another screenshot comparison :

    (FS video tracks are about 410 MB/episode, no need to reach the GB @ 720p)

  10. banger writes:

    omg the blurriness burns my eyes. guess its to be expected on a show this old…its weird that it got a blu ray release

  11. Trace writes:

    @Fag-Simile:its not that bad ? .I suggest you get to the nearest opticians as soon as you can ,its dreadful and if i had a site that released encodes i would be ashamed to release such a crappy bluray.The bd’s should be forgotten like they never existed .

  12. Fag-Simile writes:

    Blame the master tape. Regarding “real” detail retention, the BDs are still better than the DVDs. At least, you have more room for improvement of the picture quality.

  13. Virtual_ManPL writes:

    Thank you very much for this release !!!
    Can we have also Mushishi ?

  14. amen665 writes:

    is far… every coalgirl release i’ve watched had something wrong in it. i wonder why? its really a shame >>

  15. Cliche writes:

    “The BD is not telecined at all, it is full progressive 29.97 fps”

    To be exact, the OP/ED are 29.97 FPS while the actual content of the show is 23.976 FPS.

  16. Fag-Simile writes:

    “the actual content of the show is 23.976 FPS”

    Check again. For example when the background is scrolling or zooming, it is shot at 30 fps. Anyway, most character animation is done at 10 fps.

  17. herp writes:

    more bd/dvd comparisons:

    ep07 http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/80986/
    ep08 http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/80984/

    some eps on BD look pretty terrible.

  18. Fag-Simile writes:

    herp : this comparison is not really fair. The “DVD” is not a simple DVD upscale to 720p, it’s filtered as hell.

  19. herp writes:

    Well, yeah, that’s from yet-to-be-released DVDrip.

  20. Patrique writes:

    Is there any chance of a release of the 1080p version?

  21. Alex writes:

    Thank you so much, Coalgirls. I love Haibane Renmei.

  22. CarVac writes:

    Interesting. I was kinda hoping for this one to be redone, because it was 15-gig, 13-episode SD upscale spacehog that didn’t have the insane quality I expected of the bitrate.

  23. Mayu writes:

    13.9 GB → 8.30 GB

    \o/ ♥

  24. Mark writes:

    I love you

  25. nstgc writes:

    Haibane is on of my all time favorite anime (top 5%). I’m so glad this is getting a face lift. Would have preferred if the subs were anime_fin’s, but that’s okay.

  26. Stephen writes:

    I thought you said it wasn’t going to be a good one! =D

  27. 720p fag writes:

    You stole a childs liver for this?

  28. Fat writes:

    Man, and I had just downloaded your original release this week. Having Comcast is suffering

  29. TS writes:

    @720p fag:
    If your going to do a comparison, try and get the frames identical at the very least for gods sake.

  30. 720p fag writes:

    The second one are the same frame
    It doesn’t change the fact that it was degrained and blurred to fuck.

    • coalgirl writes:

      I wouldn’t call dfttest(sigma=0.3) “to fuck”. If anything, what it did was it removed the terrible noise and artifacts from my v1 (which I noticed are not scenes you selected to compare. You chose the cleaner scenes.). The “blurred” as you are referring to it is also wrong. It’s more that it wasn’t warpsharped, which anyone can easily do on playback.

      And not to mention, even if you have it in your mind that you think that artifact filled warpsharped picture is better than clean video, it still does not trump the obvious improvements of smooth pans, correct chapter linking, and 40% reduction in file size.

      Though I think you achieved your goal of frustrating me. I mean, it is pretty frustrating to spend a week on fixing something that needs to be fixed, including 1/2 the day today, and then get told that you’d rather me have done nothing.

  31. TS writes:

    Yeah, people don’t seem to understand two basic concepts of video;
    1. Noise does not = Grain
    2. Sharpening does not = more detail
    The quicker people get this through their thick skulls the better.

  32. Black Rainbow writes:

    People don’t to realise how crappy the source is for this show…

    Thanks for the re-release!

  33. StubbsiBoy writes:

    Wow, that kind of filesize AFTER re-encoded with 10bit? You dun goof’d.

  34. Alex writes:

    Awesome, thanks. Good to see you’re fixing up past releases.

    Sadly I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before downloading as I am low on bandwidth at the moment.

  35. Verix writes:

    10-bit = better quality at ~same filesize, it doesn’t necessarily mean smaller files.

    Thanks for this v2 release / your hard work !!

    • coalgirl writes:

      Well, it can mean one of two things.

      1. Better quality at same filesize
      2. Same quality at smaller filesize

      There is a middle group too where both improve, and this is it.

  36. Tiago writes:

    Don’t listen to some people Coalgirl, you did a great job and I really appreciate your hard work!
    Thanks 🙂

  37. Romme writes:

    Looks like a definite improvement. Glad a show like this is getting some love.

  38. stfu writes:

    Know how you could save even more filesize?
    Converting FLAC to AAC.

  39. QQ MOAR writes:

    And there is nothing preventing you from doing so yourself to save your oh so precious HDD space

  40. revo writes:

    well you could encode it to 360p and use 96Kbps mp3

  41. Virtual_ManPL writes:

    Awesome job for reencoding it in 10bit! Thank you!
    The best video quality of all releases of the Haibane Ranmei.

  42. chronos02 writes:

    Looks like there’s some sort of problem with ep.01, from 22:17 to 22:28. That, or I need to update my madVR.
    I’ll post again after updating.

    • coalgirl writes:

      It’s playing fine for me. That’s the ED, so it wouldn’t just be the case with episode 1 if there was an issue.

  43. Zalis writes:

    @ nstgc:
    “Would have preferred if the subs were anime_fin’s, but that’s okay.”

    Aren’t anime_fin’s subs on this show basically the R1 subs? If so, there’s not much point in tediously extracting a_fin’s hardsubs vs. easily grabbing softsubs from cestfait, E-D, a4e, etc.

  44. chronos02 writes:


    Silly me, I thought the episodes included the OP and ED and were not separate files linked to each episode. Well, at least this was useful, as I updated madVR and MPC-HC.

    Thanks again for your releases!

    PS: Do you not care about positive opinions^^?

  45. Bloodios writes:

    Whoa! This so much better than I could ever hope for. Thank you for taking your time and re-doing this show, Coalgirls!

  46. skyhack writes:

    Top five with me. I like all of ABe’s stuff, anyway, but this is my favorite out of his works.


  47. Manakemia writes:

    Well, maybe I’m doing something wrong, but can anyone explain this to me?: the files have correct CRCs, but it looks like shit while playback. All pixelated and stuff, just horrible. I played it with MPC-HC with ffdshow tryouts and with VLC media player (just for the test) – it looks identical.

  48. Kimi wa Taishou writes:

    Lawl, I just lub how ppl STILL go with shit players, shit codecs and shit everything. Let me say 9 letters: PotPlayer. Just install it (and the update if there’s one) and out of the fucking box it plays anything, 8, 10, 12, 24, 64 and gazillion bits. At least it worked for me and everywhere I installed it for ANY encode. Unless this is from outer space you should be fine. That is, ofc, assuming your PC is at least a bit more powerful than my watch.


    There you go fellow netizen. Salute our fine Korean friend and enjoy life (and 10-bit encodes) as it’s meant to be :3

  49. Kimi wa Taishou writes:

    Well, it’s not so ‘out of the box’. You have to add and select Haali Media Splitter for Matroska and ‘enable ASS animations’ and/or ‘keep aspect ratio’. Skim through the menus and see what you may like. I used to have a nice custom preset for anime that I gave to anyone along with the player (some ppl don’t know what AR is for eg.) but somehow I lost it <.<

    Anyway, I was never to fond of tenshis, but this anime was quite some followers. I DLed the old encode but never watched, as the 90% of the stuff I have in my 7tb of hdds, lol. Will get this for the sake of archiving, my bandwidth gets bored if I don't keep it busy =/

  50. Lain_13 writes:

    Kimi wa Taishou: mplayer2 FTW

    coalgirl: Thanks for this release.