Monogatari Season 2


Episodes – 23+5
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Typesetting – CoalNadeko (Commie Base)
Dialogue – Node (R1, Arcs 1-3, Re-styled, Modified), CoalMayoi (R1, Arcs 4-6, Modified)
Outside Sources – CoalMayoi (Nyaaification Arc 1, PVs), DDY (OP6, ED4)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

304 Responses to Monogatari Season 2

  1. Liryan writes:

    Lol people really still not getting that dropping (and then undropping) every and all monogatari arc is a tradition here? I mean we even got told a possible release date…
    Good job though, i couldn’t feel comfortable with this BDs missing from my collection xD

  2. Baumkuchen writes:

    In case somebody is still interested here (Dropbox) you can find the patches for the 1080p version only.

  3. SuperDave writes:

    @Baumkuchen (or, I guess, anyone who knows… :D), what does the patch files do when applied? I know how to apply patch files; I just don’t know/understand what these particular patches are for. Sorry for the n00b question… 🙂

  4. Baumkuchen writes:

    coalgirl released the first five arcs before the batch you can find here now.


    However coalgirl modified a few files from the previous torrents for the batch. Instead of downloading the new files you can simply create them by applying some patches, provided that you have the required “unmodified” files from the first releases.

  5. thanks writes:

    Wanted to pop in to say thank you so much for your work here. I was finally able to watch this series, and greatly enjoyed it. I deeply appreciate the work you’ve done. ♥

  6. Slimspardis writes:

    Is there a translation/error difference between the 720p and 1080p torrent? If so which is better? Patches?

  7. Xerxes writes:

    Is it necessary to download all the files if I only want the episodes with subtitles?

  8. IZEROII writes:

    Hope to see Tsuki in a stand alone batch around April. That was a pretty damn good opening for the dialogues to come.

  9. Dead writes:

    I downloaded the coalgirls release of this from animebytes and the OP and ED don’t play within the episode. How do I fix this?

  10. FormX writes:

    Isn’t Tsuki part of Final Season so it should be on it’s own and not part of the Second Season batch.

  11. baldr writes:

    There is a typo in ep 14 subtitles – it says “Kagenui Yotsugi” but correct is “Kagenui Yozuru”.

    I tried to extract the subtitles using mkvtoolnix to fix it but after that the extracted subtitles are a little bit out of sync for some reason.

  12. Veri writes:

    This is such an excellent, excellent release. Thanks for all the hard work. This was totally worth waiting for.

  13. Knwtmsyn writes:

    There’s no Title in Neko Shiro Ep 4. 00:02:18

  14. emaN writes:

    Just saying thanks for the best release using the best translations available!

  15. Knwtmsyn writes:

    Does Onimonogatari have a creditless OP? There wasn’t one in the batch…

  16. Nurkay writes:

    tell me if ı’m wrong but hanamonogatari is not in the second season and wher is the Mayoi Jianshi ?

  17. Knwtmsyn writes:

    “tell me if ı’m wrong but hanamonogatari is not in the second season and wher is the Mayoi Jianshi ?”

    Hanamonogatari came after and was shown on it’s own I think, but it is in the Monogatari Second Season light novel. Mayoi Jianshi is covered in Kabukimonogatari I believe, unless I’m not understanding you right.

  18. LoRadeon writes:

    There’s no episode for summary 1, 2, and 3 ?

  19. ­ writes:

    Thanks guys uwu

  20. Anon writes:

    Any possibility of making a PlayAll_noOPED file and uploading it separately somewhere to play Hanamonogatari like how it aired with the ED at the start and OP at the end? The episodic format isn’t a big deal for re-watches (even though I’d prefer not having to skip through OP/ED), but it ruins the flow/is a bit spoiler-y for first-time viewers and I don’t want that to be an issue for people I recommend your release to.

  21. Kuro16 writes:

    I don’t think this was mentioned before: There is a discrepancy in the arc/episode names from this download relative to some streaming sites and the Monogatari wiki page. Below is the relative name relations between the two (from what I have discerned) and if for some reason I am mistaken in any of this information, I would appreciate the feedback. Also, as a side-note, the 3 summary episodes that are listed on the wiki page seem to be dropped from this download as well (which cuts the number of episodes from 26 to 23).

    Wiki Name –> Download Name/Arc
    Tsubasa Tiger –> Nekomonogatari (Shiro)
    Mayoi Jiangshi –> Kabukimonogatari
    Nadeko Medusa –> Otorimonogatari
    Shinobu Time –> Onimonogatari
    Hitagi End –> Koimonogatari

    The Hanamonogatari series is also included in this download, which on the wiki is listed as it own separate series. This brings the grand total of episodes to 28.
    Hopefully this post is helpful and not seen as bloat. Thank you coalgirl for you time and effort on this series. I hope everyone is enjoying it.

  22. G3n0c1de writes:

    Kuro16, Hanamonogatari was originally supposed to air as a part of the second season, but it was delayed. In fact it was supposed to come before Nadeko’s arc, if you look at the order the light novels were released in.

  23. Soluna writes:

    Thanks for the release and all the options to rename!

  24. Will writes:

    hey why are there two OPs for Neko Shiro in this release?

  25. Genryuu writes:

    Did you guys skip the v2 of ED1?

  26. megamonkey22 writes:

    When do you plan to release the V2 with Commie’s subs (as per

  27. Scarlet writes:

    How can I watched the chapters with the audio commentary I don’t know How to play it right.