Star Driver

Comparison – TVBD

Episodes – 25
Video – 1280×720 @ ~2600 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~4750 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – gg (Modified)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

101 Responses to Star Driver

  1. hurf says:

    no fabulous?
    only 1GB/ep?
    doing it wrong

  2. boingman says:

    Getting rid of the “fabulous”, which has become an internet meme, was a good choice.

  3. fayth says:

    meh why did u change fantastic with Fabulous

  4. Pontificus says:

    “Fabulous” seems to imply homosexuality….which may be appropriate, but im glad its gone

  5. DragoZERO says:

    Thank you for un-trolling this. Much appreciated.

  6. rob says:


  7. lolzy says:

    I thought you stopped doing it because you’re unable to get the .ts raw?

    • coalgirl says:

      No, I was able to 24 hours after release. The series was going to be dropped if I became unable to, but was dropped because the .ts were a big load of crap.

  8. ano says:


    They use old vhs tapes to source tv airings now?

  9. AnimeReference says:
    there was a zerochan o.O

  10. Anonymous says:

    You guys should’ve included the unedited gg subtrack, oh well. Thanks again Coalgirls you never disappoint.

  11. dragon132004 says:

    Thanks a lot for doing a BD release for this cool show.

  12. IHM says:

    I want that lil’ foxxxxxy~♥

    Nice header, btw.

  13. Fallen says:

    Ep 2: Error at 2:03
    “Excuse me, butt can we meet after class?” Too many t.

  14. jayc says:

    gg is going to be doing their own BD if you want the original subs.
    Thanks for the release.

    • coalgirl says:

      However, it does not particularly matter to me because they’ve never been able to finish a BD series on their own.

  15. kotelo says:

    Thank you so fucking much, already downloaded.

  16. Arcueidgl says:

    Thanks for the release!
    However I think “16 reframes” is too high

  17. ashura says:

    Even more sparkles in the BD version. Gotta love it. 😉

  18. DmonHiro says:

    File size is decent, considering Zero Time is a bitrate hog. I’m hesitant to download these… because CG always has v2 after v2. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

  19. Nettosama says:

    Thank you, DLing then seeding to 2.0 ratio.

  20. person says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this animated at 540p like other BONES “HD” shows? Shouldn’t 720p only be good enough?

    • coalgirl says:

      Yep. With a bit of sharpening from Bones to make it 720p-like. But if you look at our about page, it’s our policy to release mostly everything in 1080p so that can become your call instead of ours.

  21. Nelorzoul says:

    Excuse me for being the newfag that I am, but I figure an honest question has a shot at getting answered. The reason only 6 episodes are currently released by Coalgirls is because that is all that is currently available in BD, correct? Meaning, yeah, you can go with some other sub group if you’re in a big rush to see the latest episodes, but coalgirls will be releasing the latest BD quality episodes as they become available, right? That being said, great work with these releases – I’ve been coming to realize lately that if I’m looking to watch a show in vastly superior quality, Coalgirls is the way to do it; I’ve yet to see such high quality releases anywhere else. Thanks for the fantastic releases.

  22. Kaisa says:

    Great release, you put up great work ma’am

  23. alyu says:

    Don’t know if it is mentioned, but around 1:40 on episode 6, the audio drops out for a second. or is it just my computer?

  24. TS says:

    Does anyone know what the release schedule for these Star Driver BD’s is? I can’t find any info on it. Are they going to be piecemealing 3 episodes a pop every few months?
    Either way, thank you so much for this release CG.

    • coalgirl says:

      J – 3
      F – 3
      M – 3
      Ap – 3
      M – 2
      Jn – 3
      Jl – 3
      Au – 3
      S – 2

  25. TS says:

    Perfect, thanks for that. :)

  26. Afterlife says:

    That comparison. I almost went blind.

  27. Derriere says:

    finally, some alternative for this!! 😀
    by “Edited”, do you mean the misTLs of the gg script?

  28. Nettosama says:


  29. Tom says:

    Just to let you know…. the fileserve links are no longer active D:

  30. Tom says:

    haha. Sorry. Thank you :]. I was in the middle of downloading one and it disappeared so I wasn’t sure.

  31. F00 says:

    derp… all are v2 now… Will someone make the patch, please?

  32. DmonHiro says:

    How many of the files in the 01-12 batch are unlabeled v2s?

  33. wman says:

    Unfortunately all. At least 720p :(

  34. pumadace says:

    Can we expect batch patch? thx

  35. Nettosama says:

    What changed on v2s?

  36. Noko says:

    Don’t suppose the new files have “fabulous” back?

    As always good job CG.

  37. Myuzaki says:

    I tried e-mailing my complaint to that address, I haven’t gotten a reply yet.

  38. superweapons says:

    xdelta patches (1080p only):

    Episodes 01-09 are included.

    Mirrors and more info at my website.

  39. F00 says:

    superweapons, Thank you very much!

  40. Yukari Sekai says:

    Thanks *___*

  41. ohmy says:

    The new encode doesn’t rape my shitty laptop anymore!
    Thank you so much!! ;_;

  42. why says:

    bad timing in ep1, 19:07 onwards

  43. Kol33 says:

    Thx soo much!
    Keep going!

  44. kuya says:

    must i patch it if i download from the torrent ??

  45. coalgirl says:


  46. Tyler says:

    When you guys going to finish this series, have the blurays not been released yet or somethin?

  47. Anthony says:

    I just want to thank you guys for doing this. This series has some beautiful animation and watching it again in blu-ray really shows that.

    So thanks

  48. Swaps4 says:

    Once you’ve guys completed this, I’m going to have to make myself sit there and watch this.

  49. My Required Name says:

    I’ll probably get FABULOUS during October

  50. KMAt says:

    Any chance on getting FLACs of the Maiden Songs?

    Specifically Wako’s song? Komorebi no Contact. I have had no luck finding this.

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