Occult Academy

Type: Series (13 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 18
1280×720   @ crf 18
Audio: FLAC 2.0
Subs: Pakuru, Harth (SP02-05, restyled)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

87 Responses to Occult Academy

  1. banger says:

    why not watch the preview?

  2. hrvatskafarkasevec says:

    hey what do you do with your blurays ? sell them?

  3. Merry says:


    You could do a give away to people who donate a decent amount?

    Just a idea.

    Also any ETA on the last Blurays eps? Id like to DL this all at once if possible.

  4. Merry says:

    Actually forget what i said i did not read the rest of the post to the bottom i saw that eta just now.


  5. pepperoni says:

    I am impressed, finally come around encoding your releases under a gig for a 1080p title for a 24min+ show.
    Quality picture aside, as I haven’t watched this release yet but kudo’s to whom ever your encoder is, keep it up!
    I do not know much about the technical mumble-jumble aspect of encoding quality control so forgive my ignorance on that. Huge file size is inexcusable, I don’t wish to fill my x2 TB HD very quickly.

  6. oldingt says:

    Ep. 09-10!! Yes, yes, yes, yes!!

  7. hikaricore says:

    So why shouldn’t we watch the preview?

  8. TS says:

    Could someone who’s watched this rate the sub quality? I’ve already downloaded GotWoots encodes, but want these BD ones. I was just wondering if I should keep these CG’s subs or swap them out with GotWoot’s. I can’t decide.

  9. ANIKI says:

    Nice I look forward to seeing this one done, only saw a couple of episodes then stopped watching it, also I would like to know why not watch the episode 10’s preview as well? since no answer has been givin (^_^”)

    @TS- I would say keep which ever you think is in your best interest, be it size or preferred translation fix IMO.

  10. DmonHiro says:

    Any v2s in the batch? I ask because you don’t label them.

  11. Kyon-kun says:

    Thanks for the series, can’t wait to download and watch the final 3 episodes! ^^

  12. bikar says:


  13. ANIKI says:

    Was waiting for this one to be done, thanx for the work you put into releasing this series (^_^)

  14. Les says:

    Thank you for doing the BluRays on this series! It’s the 3rd of hopefully many good shows from the “Anime no Chikara” time slot. Great job on your part. It’s definitely been appreciated!

  15. klaymore says:

    thx for the completion of this entertaining series :)

  16. fan says:

    thx for the series. If people have time, can someone provide mu links to 11,12 and 13 please

  17. Baka says:

    thanks for the release. if you don’t mind me asking but i was wondering if 1080p’s an upscale?

  18. Bjorn says:

    Thank you. Looking forward to downloading the batch with episodes 11-13 when it is available.

  19. Corentin says:

    Can’t download the whole series 1080p batch torrent ??

  20. Myuzaki says:

    This might be just me, but in the opening, there are some spots where the audio is muted. I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue( Phenom II x4 @ 4GHz, 4GB DDR3 @ 1873MHz. GTX480, SuperFX X-FI) because it’s not random, it always happens in the same spots and there is no video lag. This is apparent in the NCOP and the Episodes. Could you please help?

  21. AMasteR says:

    @Myuzaki, I’ve got the same issue, although it’s probably something I’m doing wrong or failed to do. Anyone any ideas? Codec settings or something? I’m using the latest version of CCCP though.

  22. Bobo says:

    Just a quick question, does this release use ordered chapters for OPs/EDs etc?

  23. miracles says:

    I have download CoalGirls occult academy 1080p i have problem with opening eps 1-4 like it’s karaoke subs slower than sounds, eps 5-13 not have problem and it opening only

  24. dsfsfsafkjlkj says:

    can some1 time this wif gotwoot’s subs?

  25. Giovanni says:

    Hi there! Descarrgue cap 1 but i could not play at all with the player of Windou Media or Media Player Classic and that thing you install to my PC the last Codeck and asta now no e had1,me you praise some player? OR the Video this fails

  26. Frog says:

    The torrents links are backwards. 1080 link is 720 and 720 is 1080.

  27. grover says:

    please links DD

  28. rami says:

    thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Raisehell says:

    Thank you for all that you do CGs =)

  30. grover says:

    more seed for 1920×1080

  31. ryuzaki says:

    please re-seed this torrent

    currently no progress since 1.7%

  32. ryuzaki says:

    for 1920 x 1080

  33. Name Required says:

    I love you people :happyexplosion.jpeggifpngexe

  34. M says:

    After all these years, if anyone reading this is able to reseed the 1080p, that would be much appreciated.

  35. silv3rblade says:

    Thanx a lot!!!

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