Serial Experiments Lain

Comparison – DVDBlu-Ray

Episodes – 13
Video – 1520×1080 @ ~4100 kbps, 1008×720 @ ~2500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (Re-styled, Modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

187 Responses to Serial Experiments Lain

  1. Despera says:

    It’s so amazing to me that ignorant people figured out how to use the internet. CURSE YOU JOBS!!!

    ChrisK: I would prefer to curse AOL 😀

  2. Ass says:

    >doing shows when they air

    Are we still speaking about Commie here?

  3. jMa says:

    Yay, Thanks so much for doing Lain BD. ^^

  4. hikaricore says:


  5. Seba says:

    Just wondering how do you apply the patch. Could it be like this ?

    xdelta3 -d -s [Coalgirls]_Serial_Experiments_Lain_03_(1520x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[580D6C98] MoeLain03.xdelta [Coalgirls]_Serial_Experiments_Lain_03_(1520x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[580D6C98]

    Thanks !

  6. Merril says:

    Thank You.

  7. ThisGuy says:

    omg guys stop crying it’s free

  8. Manthai says:

    Wait what. People are getting pissed cause they can only dl at 200kb/s if they choose to use FS? It’s not like they CAN’T get the file. Talk about impatient bitches. First world problems are pathetic.


    Thanks for these speedy releases, ep 13 is due just before my bday. Looking forward to an afternoon off with some classic anime.

  9. superweapons says:


    You need proper file extensions and naming (i.e. output should be different from the input).

    For example:

    xdelta3.exe -d -s “[Coalgirls]_Serial_Experiments_Lain_03_(1520x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[580D6C98].mkv” “MoeLain03.xdelta” “[Coalgirls]_Serial_Experiments_Lain_03_(1520x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[03B81F3C].mkv”

    In this case, it’s not necessary to enter quotation marks since there aren’t any spaces in the file names.

  10. amy says:

    This series truly makes me question my existence…Also the artwork is astounding!

  11. ka0zfate says:

    Thank You A Lot.

  12. numb3rs says:

    OMG! I can’t believe I’ll see LAIN in HD. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. jMa says:

    @Manthai: So true.
    I bet you all of does didn’t grow up with good old 56k modems. ;P

  14. skyhack says:

    Y’know, this Blu-Ray release is gorgeous, and all, but I may grain it up a bit in Premiere. I always thought the slight grain in the original release added to the ambiance of the series.

    I’ll say this, too. Dang, you’re FAST! Do you do this all day? 8D

  15. telja says:

    Is this “[Coalgirls]_Serial_Experiments_Lain_09_(1008x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[BB9AB83B].mkv” really the 720p version, and not the 1080p version?

    I mean, it is almost twice the size of previously largest 720p lain episode..

  16. hikaricore says:

    If you look at the other episodes there’s really no file size consistency.
    This is pretty standard to Coalgirls releases due to the encoding methods.

  17. coalgirls says:

    Episode 9 = Grain grain grain. Episode 10 is going to be ~480 MB again.

    So yes, that is the 720p version. 1080p is huge for that episode.

  18. telja says:

    @coalgirls, I appreciate the anwer.. I just had to ask as accidentialy swapping two files can be happen+sizediff.

    Thanks for releasing this.

  19. skyhack says:

    Ep 9 = grain = :)

  20. belja says:

    will you release BDMV?

  21. NemesiS says:

    come on CG, i hope you will correct 1080p episodes 10 & 11 in the batch…

  22. anon says:

    Can anyone tell me how can I apply the patch for epi 03? Please.

  23. anon says:

    By the way, on the ED you guys put “I wasn’t the one who SEWED those seeds…”

  24. anon says:

    Please re-encode the 1080p for Evangelion as well. Can’t wait for this release!

  25. TayTay says:

    @NemesiS It clearly states that she will be doing them again no? xD

  26. Zanz says:


    She edited the original. It used to say something like this..

    “Used 720 settings for 1080 encodes by accident, it adds a little bit of bloat to 1080 versions of ep 10 and 11. I probably wont do them again.”

    Now she is doing them again.

  27. Weils says:

    All right, I’ll re-encode 10-11 (1080p) for my settings. The batch’ll be delayed a few days in that case, as I need to encode other things.

    Thanks very much. I won’t mind waiting another few days, so long as the quality and encoding of these episodes are accurate. No rush!

  28. tazmanian says:

    anon says:
    November 6, 2010 at 5:48 pm
    By the way, on the ED you guys put “I wasn’t the one who SEWED those seeds…”

    Heh, if the original R1 subs are like that, then the subtitler who put them together needs to learn the difference between ‘sewed’ & ‘sowed’. Derp derp.

  29. DmonHiro says:

    For those who downloaded the single episodes 01-11: download the ED and episode 01 from the batch. They have been v2d, but as always… not labeled as such.

  30. hikaricore says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I was wondering why 01 & ED disappeared from the DDL link earlier today..

    ChrisK: v2 from the batch are coming soon up.

  31. IHM says:

    So… the Ep1 and ED are v2? 720p, righ(duh)?

  32. IHM says:

    or 1080p? (duh again)

  33. TayTay says:

    ^Was that for 1080p,720p or both?

  34. TayTay says:

    Oh and will episode 3 be fixed for the batch? or is that left to us via the patch?

  35. Giovanni says:

    I hope that the 1080p batch will have the whole series right, patches and v2 included.

  36. tazmanian says:

    the batch has the v2’d ep 3. the crc matches my patched file.

  37. anon says:

    Why do the subtitles get out of sync if I watch the OP?
    I mean if I press skip forward to go directly to the episode everything is fine, but if I watch the OP the subtitles for the main part get out of sync.

  38. anon says:

    @above anon

    Use MPC’s internal FLAC decoder instead of whatever else you’re using.

  39. anon says:

    Thank you very much!
    I uninstalled ffdshow and now everything is working fine.

  40. zero says:

    Just an fyi the ddl is missing ep 11 for 1080

  41. Lemon says:

    Thanks for finishing Lain!

  42. Ass says:

    Man, Lain is fucking awesome.

  43. Momo says:

    Why FLAC ? srsly

  44. lunix says:

    Thank you for your release :)

    Didn’t you wrote that you would release the BDMV if no one else release it? Did I miss the release or is this still upcoming? :)

  45. oaps says says:

    not chaptered

  46. Marmalade says:

    Help – When I run the Episodes, the Opening skips as though its it’s own chapter and then the audio is behind the video??

    I’m using Halli media splitter and FFDshow audio/video decoding.

  47. feelsbadman says:

    Stuck at 96.8% in torrent of chapter 7. DDL doesn’t work either (stops at ~75% and then it doesn’t download anymore)

  48. rock says:

    Is it only me who experience a problem playing the beginning of episode 13 (1080p)? For initial 50 seconds of the episode, video is crippy and audio does not match.

  49. Paul says:

    Hey I downloaded the DDL 1080 version, and played it on my KMP player and for some reason the AUDIO comes out fine, but the SCREEN isn’t comming out(pitch black).. I hav my settnigs on default. What may be the problem?? please help! THX! [This happened RARELY on some files)

  50. UselesS says:

    @paul: test your own video card it is working properly? and are you sure, your computer capable to play 1080p?

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