Strike Witches

Episodes – 12

1280×720 @CRF 13

Japanse 2.0 FLAC
English 5.1 FLAC

Strike Subs


50 Responses to Strike Witches

  1. duskster008 says:

    Thank You CG!!!

  2. Anon says:

    TV vs DVD vs BD comparison would be nice :D

  3. puma99dk| says:

    nice, could more even more nice with a 1080p version ^^

  4. S.J. says:

    awesome, like, awesome
    thank you!

  5. LMN says:

    lol, Shit Witches.

  6. lvhina says:

    got a little excited thinking it was an annouce for SW2 in my rss feed lol

  7. NemesiS says:

    @ LMN you TALK SHIT in every torrent released…its free an you are free to download or not, so choose one and GTFO you stupid idiot!!!

  8. jusef says:

    @ NemesiS not to ruin your rant (since it’s justified), but have you ever saw NOT stupid idiot?

  9. NemesiS says:

    well, people like LMN who are bitching about something somebody does in his free time and does it for free knows to piss me off.

    everybody have a chance to choose to download or not, so why bitching about it?

  10. LMN says:

    I didn’t bitch about this relase, but instead about the anime itself :>

  11. Daiz says:

    I hope you didn’t use StrikeS’ styling because it’s horrible as fuck and that you also removed all the alpha timing because that’s stupid as fuck.

    Also, how’d you deal with all the haloing, aliasing and all the other nasty shit present on the BDs?

    I don’t know anything as these were just on our ftp. But lol @ saying StrikeS’s styling is terribad. Find some other thing to nitpick in your life other than a decent style.

  12. NemesiS says:

    not this one…but in another one.
    but w/e

  13. thk says:

    Any DDL for this? Thanks!

  14. zaockle says:


  15. I havent seen the series yet,but isn’t there an OVA?

  16. Daiz says:

    “But lol @ saying StrikeS’s styling is terribad.”

    But StrikeS S1 styling IS terribad, even StrikeS agrees.

  17. Daiz says:

    Also looks like the aliasing and haloing are still present to a notable degree in multiple scenes. Oh well.

  18. ChaelMi says:

    in episode 7! DVD is more uncensored than BD! im talking about when perrine slips on the bath tub!

  19. Southrop says:

    Sure that’s not StrikeS’ decensored version? Because it probably is.

  20. Ididnotlook says:

    StrikeS has a uncensored ep7. Full face shot when she slides along from the soap.

  21. zaockle says:

    any reason there is no chapters for this? not talking about ordered chapters

  22. Bloodios says:

    @zaockle: I supposed that anon-chan preferred it that way.

  23. ganon says:

    Um does this have Eng/Jap audio???
    I’m basing that on this info from this site:

  24. ♦Tenshi♦ says:

    Yes this release is dual-audio. Japanese 2.0 FLAC and English 5.1 FLAC.

  25. waka says:

    Whys the file size over 1 gb an episode for 720p ,that size is ridiculous and way too large

  26. hunter says:

    @waka: maybe because this release is dual audio.

  27. waka says:

    @hunter : hahahaahaha,yeah an extra audio track adds an extra 500mbs or so an episode .No its just oversized and a pointless download

  28. Black_Raven says:

    what? no perrine’s pus*y in episode 7?
    i swear i saw it on StrikeS’ DVD release

  29. ganon says:

    If you actually looked it up, you would know that someone actually decensored the scenes in most of that episode for StrikeS!!!

  30. Black_Raven says:

    you must be joking… @_@

  31. repr says:

    Of course it was an amateur decensor. You know that all genitalia requires censorship in Japan, right? You thought Gonzo somehow got past that law, or something?

    If the soap was removed by the studio you’d have seen a mosaic instead.

  32. Black_Raven says:

    yeah i know. but i’m surprised that someone actually did that.
    i feel cheated. ;_;

    thanks for the MU links dude, have been waiting for those.
    you’re rock, man.. (´Д`)ノ

  33. KanuTousen says:

    For some reason, I get an error when I try to play these episodes.. they aren’t 1080p right?

    Windows Media Player Classic cannot render the file. Zoom player gets an error. No Luck with VLC either.

    Any suggestions?

  34. KanuTousen says:

    Ugh scratch that, the torrent didn’t finish.. I’m an idiot. Ignore the above post :)

  35. RTGRT says:


  36. Rei says:

    can anyone give me the script please? I’ve download the RAW with only japanese audio and the file size 400~ MB…..

  37. starrydust says:

    this is season 1 right? is BD for season 2 out, and will u sub it to?

  38. OniSamurai says:

    @starrydust: Season 2 isn’t even done airing on TV yet…

  39. Zakuro says:

    No karaoke, me sad T.T

  40. dragonsword50 says:

    plz seed this torrent more plz

  41. dragonsword50 says:

    plz seed more

  42. Void-eater says:

    Any chance you will release patches with added OP/ED- karaoke?

  43. Anon says:

    You can find karaokes on Youtube.

  44. ChicagoPiano says:

    12 gigs? Eh, can’t find any other subbed BD release that’s alive. Better be worth it

  45. nawking says:

    a description of what the anime is about would be nice for some of these titles would be nice.

  46. Cloudstrife192 says:

    There’s plenty of sites to look descriptions up on.

  47. arunin says:

    Any chance you could do the movie? I would even be willing to lend my copy of the BD if you wanted it, though there are plenty of BD raws online. So far, I have not found a single english-subbed version of the movie, which stinks pretty hard, as I paid about $115 for a legal copy >_<. If anyone knows of an english fansub out there, I'd also be very grateful.

  48. Nekomancer says:

    As someone that subbed a 4 minute 12 second dvd extra for Pandora Hearts solo With no subs for the deaf to work from i spent over an hour scripting, translating and timing for such a lil piece. Thx for all the reencodes of other ppls subs onto BR Coalgirls, you rock.

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