Hidan no Aria

Episodes – 12+1
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Chihiro


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  1. arba says:

    Ep.8 has OP2 used as ending and OP1 as opening. This does not seem right.
    Also, shouldn’t ep.9 have OP2 instead of OP1 as the opening?

  2. winning says:

    did I say thank you yet? thanks!

  3. Arachnid says:

    I notice the first episode doesn’t have an OP or the ED, are all the episodes from 1 to 7 like this???

  4. castor212 says:

    So…nothing is wrong with the file?

  5. @Arachnid: Ordered Chapter is used. Check FAQ for details.

  6. Arachnid says:

    Yeah thanks, I just figured it out 😀

  7. xKhione says:

    any news about ep10~12??

  8. senseless retard says:

    let’s hope someone will make patches to the corrected files, it’s a pain to dl it another time…

  9. DarkSpace says:

    The ED1v2-file has too many frames in the beginning (approx. 6), resulting in some text fading out before the ED begins. The EDv1 was fine, though.

  10. KenTuckey says:

    Does anyone see the flaw at 06:06 of episode 09 or it is just me?

  11. Wayne Holt says:

    Do you know when you will do Vol. 07? I noticed there was some raws on NYAA.

  12. Wayne Holt says:

    The torrent was for Aria The Scarlet Ammo Vol. 07.

  13. zeronine says:

    RAW for Volume 7 is released http://www.shareraw.com/2011/12/25/bdmv1111221hidan-no-aria-vol-7.html

    cant wait to DL the fixed episodes >.<

  14. Dragon Lord says:

    Why does this batch have different CRCs for eps 4-9, the ED and OP 3 & 4? Are you making a patch or should I just re-DL those eps?

  15. Dragon Lord says:

    My mistake, I just don’t have OP 3 & 4. Sorry about that.

  16. senseless retard says:

    here am I, asking gently for patches… final version right?

  17. Nettosama says:

    I will upload patches when I finish downloading.

  18. senseless retard says:

    thanks in advance then

  19. Dragon Lord says:

    Much appreciation.

  20. Nettosama says:


    All credit goes to Kristen, I just provided the patches, she fixed the scripts.

    Patches EP4 to 10, patch for new ED was 50mb just download it again.

  21. Dragon Lord says:

    Sweet THNX, you even included the .exe and .bat parts a I hate making those for patches. :)

  22. senseless retard says:

    /me bows…

  23. Darkoulis says:


  24. zeronine says:

    thank you so much Nettosama and Coalgirls! 😀

    though im stuck with 60kbps DDL speed, patience is really a virtue XD

  25. zeronine says:

    and i noticed the ED has a different font. this is the way it’s supposed to be?

  26. b says:

    >”Coalgirls – We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.”

  27. Kuchiyose says:

    Don’t really care about patches since I have unlimited bandwidth and can redownload all the episodes anyways. But it would be nice to just know which episodes needs to be redownloaded instead of downloading them all next time!

  28. Yukime says:

    You may download this patch if you see the font not showing like how it should be.
    FYI, it’s unofficial, so take your own risk.

  29. zeronine says:

    thanks! 😀

  30. zeronine says:

    to everyone having problems with the font in ED. i solved it! lol

    extract the font in the ED (using mkvtoolnix) and install the font in your pc. that way it will be displayed correctly.
    So you dont need to patch anymore! 😀

  31. Havok says:

    Hey guys, i recently tried out this patch and it seems like it has messed with all my fonts… big time… How do i go about fixing this? Cause all my stylized fonts are gone…

  32. Kentucky says:

    What does it means if I used Nettosama’s patch but the results came out with CRC different with the file name? Do I need to patch them again?

  33. Butei says:

    why is episode 13 looked like incomplete ?

  34. Stinky says:

    Ok, Confusion, The files that are in the torrent now are fixed? As the one dude says I’ll just dload them
    again, so the torrent is now has fixed subs, or whatever was wrong? Or is that Direct Download?

  35. Jedimaster says:

    Maybe I missed it, but Media Player Classic and VLC don’t seem to play these quite right. I am in no way complaining; I absolutely love the attention to quality and perfection that goes into the videos here. I usually use MPC, and was inquiring as to which settings I should use to resolve the issue?

  36. Roland says:

    is this the uncensored version? im having such a hard time finding it anywhere. also, ive downloaded alot of your torrents, excellent work.

  37. itsuka_kotori says:

    no 1080P version? >.<

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