Eden of the East

Comparison – TVBD

Episodes – 11 + 2
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1800 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~2800 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – Frostii (Script), gg (Typesetting), Commie (Movie I, Re-styled, Modified), Tormaid (Movie II, Re-styled, Modified)

720p – 1-11Movie IMovie II

1080p – 1-11Movie IMovie II

108 Responses to Eden of the East

  1. Rytram says:

    thnx so much for these, it is near impossible to find good versions of this around, i personally like the eng dub on this show, pretty well done. the problem is nowhere else that i looked had the ED/Titles subs for the jap text that would appear on the phones/signs so i was missing parts of the story. and i dont care if i have to pause just to enable subs for a scene so long as can see what the hell the phones say.

  2. Reika says:

    Can someone please seed the first movie? There are so low peers that i’m not able to downloaad, 720p version, after that i keep the seed for as much as i can. Thanks.

  3. grognak says:

    So when it says Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English), does that mean it’s dual audio?

    Because this is the only 720p version of Eden of The East and i want to rewatch it with the dub

    I have encoded the show myself using my friends DVDs, but my encodes are bad and i should feel bad

  4. JaguarXJ says:

    I’ve downloaded many HQ anime from this site before. A very well done job you people have done here. Keep up that awesome work :)

  5. whoo says:

    For anyone who’s watched the first movie, I noticed the voice message at the beginning of the film was not subbed, yet in Commie’s release they subbed the voice message. What I’m wondering is whether I should worry about this or not? I’d hate to watch Coalgirl’s release and then not understand what’s going on because signs and voice messages weren’t subbed, which from what I hear, are very important to the film. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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