Magical Girl Madoka Magica

Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1080, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs –
Track 1 – Chihiro
Track 2 – yesy
Track 3 – gg

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

Yes, I did just re-encode this entire series into 10-bit.

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  1. Atomsk writes:

    Ah, fuck no. Not 10bit. My mediaplayer can’t play that shit. 🙁

  2. ggxtreme writes:

    @RocketZX: They are actual 1080p Blurays, and the quality is glorious. Also, a lot of episodes are reanimated and have some pretty big changes visually.

    @everyone complaining about playback/10-bit: I never understand these comments, but they’re all over the place. It just seems very unlikely that you should have any playback problems if you use the same software as everyone else and have a decent computer from within the last 5 years. It seems logical to conclude that you’re simply not using the same software as everyone else.

    If you actually care to watch stuff without issue, then uninstall all codec packs, ffdshow tryouts, MPC(-HC), Haali splitter, etc. and install the latest CCCP, LAV Splitter* and madVR. Setup LAV splitter in your external filters (prefer both LAV splitter filters while blocking everything Haali) and set your renderer to madVR if your computer can handle it. Set ‘sub pictures to buffer’ in subtitle settings to 0, check ‘allow animation when buffering’, uncheck ’round up to power of two’, set maximum texture resolution to whatever you want (‘desktop’ usually but I prefer 1280×720). At this point, even a Pentium 4 shouldn’t be struggling with these videos. 10-bit videos shouldn’t play any differently than 8-bit, regardless if you’re hooked up to a TV (just make sure that your levels are set to 16-235 in madVR if hooked up to a TV).

    *Haali seems to have sync issues with TrueHD tracks and other problems with things like subtitle switching on large streams. LAV seems rock solid with everything I’ve thrown at it.

  3. RocketZX writes:

    @ggextreme the fact that the scenes are redone is EXACTLY the reason I want the bluray episodes
    thanks for the confirm!

  4. lcfx writes:

    I have some problems with subs … They appear misaligned, not only in MPC-HC (the only player with decent speed for Hi10 encodes in my old C2D E6300), but also in VLC or Pot …

    Im using MPC HC with CoreAvc 3.0.1 , VLC VLC 1.2.0-git (With 10bit Internal filter support ) and Pot player 1.5


    Can someone help me fixing this? Is this happening in Madoka to?

  5. qxakanight writes:

    Dear [Coalgirls],
    add general tag [Hi10p] to a name release’s in 10bit.

  6. PhoenixDown writes:

    @qxakanight: I do agree, a tag indicating the video is in 10bit instead of 8bit would be great. I’m redownloading all of this, thanks Coalgirls!

  7. DmonHiro writes:

    @qxakanight & PhoenixDown: Dream on. CoalGirls doesn’t even tag v2s.

  8. Xanas writes:

    Not sure that my laptop can handle, just a core2duo based unit. Will have to see..

  9. LuisXVII writes:

    It seems that the OP is missing the last few seconds of the song, or is it just me? Already checked hash and it seems OK

    Re-encoding everything to 10bit, you rock!

  10. heat death writes:

    I use a Mac. My options for playing videos are VLC, Perian, and MPlayer OSX Extended. I have updated all of these to their latest versions.

    VLC just shows a green screen in place of the video. The other two have artifacts. I think this is because of the 10-bit change. In short, this is effectively a Windows-only release.

  11. alex writes:

    @heat death
    use mplayer2. cross platform, can play 10bit.

  12. RocketZX writes:

    okay my PC is having problems playing this (video lags a LOT while audio plays just fine)
    ATI radeon HD 5450
    2.8ghz phenom II x4
    6GB DDR2 RAM
    I followed all the playback steps as shown on this site (uninstalled all my current filters and CCCP and everything playback wise i could find, and did EVERYTHING shown on the playback FAQ )
    and even lowered everything on MadVR to their lowest possible settings I think…
    downloading a 1080p from somewhere else, I think hi10p is too much for me to handle
    which is odd since I watch everything lately in 1080p and they didn’t lag period, they weren’t Hi10p but they looked perfect to me anyways, is hi10p a extremely new type of encoding.

  13. heat death writes:

    I tried using mplayer2, but it has the same artifacts as the other players.

  14. heat death writes:

    Apologies, spoke too soon. Was running the wrong mplayer before. It does work with mplayer2. Thanks for the suggestion.

  15. ggxtreme writes:

    @lcfx: MPC-HC is showing those subs correctly. The really do look like that (although I could’ve sworn they looked a lot better when I first watched Bakemonogatari).

    @Xanas: Core 2 Duo will (should) easily handle 1080p 10-bit.

    @RocketZX: Something is wrong. Your computer is enough of a beast for this. Did you try using a renderer other than madVR? Did you try using LAV splitter instead of Haali? If not, I’d say something else is interfering—do you have any other installed or running software that you might suspect?

  16. nand writes:

    @ggxtreme: No, it’s actually a bug with MPC-HC. They’re most certainly *NOT* correct that way.

  17. psycholysis writes:

    Had the same problems with Bakemonogatari subs, and same issues with this 10-bit Madoka encode. Uninstalled old version of CCCP, downloaded and installed newest version as per ggextreme’s advice way up at the top. Everything works perfectly now. Mind you, the latest version of CCCP also includes some alpha/beta build of MPC-HC (I assume, since the version number is higher than the newest available build off the official site).
    Might have been a bug in the way older versions of MPC rendered subtitles, might have been a bug with the old splitters. Who knows. Try the latest versions.

  18. miracles writes:

    How can i set default the track for subtitle if the subtitle have more than one like this.Like i want to change to track 2 for default.I use cccp 2011-07-30 with MPC-HC

  19. Spirit Juice writes:

    Anyone savvy with with Media Player Classic Home Cinema? I’m still having issues with getting it to load multiple subtitle tracks instead of just defaulting to the default track and being unable to change it. Getting frustrated. I updated CCCP but that didn’t help at all. I also tried reinstalling MPC HC and resetting the settings on reinstall, which works, but then I run into the issue that it is no longer loading the necessary codecs for FFDShow, FFDAudio, etc. So it’s some setting in MPC or one of the codecs that is responsible for loading multiple subtitle tracks.

    Any help would be appreciated because I’m frustrated that I can only get Chihiro’s subs to work… and the last thing I want to do is rewatch Madoka using Chihiro’s subs.

  20. Scarf writes:

    at the top of the screen click on view then options; in the options section go to playback – output – in the “direct show video” section make sure the one you have clicked off has a “**” after it… those are the ones that allow internal subtitle rendering.

    When that is done – reopen the show and right click with your mouse and go to “navigate” there you will find where you can switch your subtitles and audio tracks…

  21. Larnu writes:

    I’m fine with this being 10bit, but I still can’t get the compatibility right across all players for everyone using this, and it’s starting to really annoy me now.

    Coalgirls separates the op’s and ed’s a lot, which is fine, but as a result, VLC media player won’t play the files, once it get’s the the op/ed it goes wrong, can this be fixed? Anything else, it seems to be fine on. I haven’t tested fully yet as only Coalgirls has been releasing on a regular basis.

    MPC’s subtitles are HUGE. They also don’t use the aspect ratio of the video, and use the aspect of my screen, meaning that they apepar in the wrong place. Can this be fixed?

    WMP, doesn’t play the files, full stop.

    GOM Player, plays, you get no subs, and the picture is crap.

    Can someone please tell me how I can fix at least one of these players…

  22. Spirit Juice writes:


    I should have mentioned that I’m already using renderers that allow internal subtitle rendering. After I made that post I figured out I can right click the DirectVobSub tray icon and change the subtitles that way, but changing subtitles through MPC is impossible. I guess that this point it’s more about convenience. What’s weird is that a long time ago I had no problems with this… but it seems like the newer versions of CCCP and their settings for MPC changed that.

  23. Scarf writes:

    @Spirit Juice

    You can change subtitle/audio tracks during a show using Media Player Classic the same way it is done with Zoom Player (right mouse click the video screen and it is in the menu that pops up), it is quite possible.

    I do it with Coal Girls Steins;Gate release to switch between the the two subtitle tracks during the show. It is quick and easy.

    The settings have changed over time but the function is still there. You just have to take some time to figure where they are now.

  24. ggxtreme writes:

    @nand: Really? I installed the latest CCCP today on a fresh install of Windows on my other laptop which uses the latest DirectVobSub external filter by default in the included MPC-HC (internal is blocked). It still looks exactly like those screenshots. I also tried PotPlayer with the same results. What are you doing to get them to display correctly? The only time I’ve ever seen them look different was with an extremely old build of MPC-HC, which is making me think the problem is with the subs themselves that is tripping up newer DirectVobSub and whatever VLC uses.

    @miracles: To change the default track of a file, use mkvmerge from mkvtoolnix to set the default track flags to the one you want and remux the file.

    @Spirit Juice: Subtitles are usually changed in the splitter (ie. Haali) or by hitting the ‘s’ key. Neither of those working for you?

    @Scarf: Actually, I can’t change subtitles using the right-click menu in MPC-HC either (maybe because I’m using LAV splitter?) and even when I used Haali splitter, I could only change them through the Haali notification area icon. Now I just change them by hitting the ‘s’ key with LAV splitter. Or maybe it’s because the latest release of CCCP only uses external DirectVobSub.

  25. sucram03 writes:

    FYI, the ‘s’ key, when using MPC-HC, is not a LAV splitter option, it is an MPC-HC option that changes the subtitle track. You can see this by going into MPC-HC’s options, and selecting the ‘Keys’ menu, to show your key bindings. Any competent splitter will allow MPC-HC to switch the subtitle stream using this option, which is passed along to the splitter.

    Also, @ggxtreme: You told someone to select 16-235 in MadVR if hooked up to a TV. No, bad, wrong, don’t automatically do this. Depending on the input into the TV, even between different HDMI inputs, you might either want to select PC (0-255) or TV (16-235), but you do NOT automatically assume TV just because you have a TV. In fact, most modern TVs will use the PC colorspace, especially those that have a good quality panel like an IPS, or a quality plasma display.

  26. Spirit Juice writes:


    I am aware that right clicking on the video screen (or under the Play drop down menu) and scrolling to subtitles should work, but for some reason it is grayed out.


    It’s funny because right clicking on the Haali splitter works fine (or changing them with DirectVobSub), but hitting S in MPC does not. So changing the subtitles is possible; it’s just that it’s not working when I try through MPC regardless of what video renderer I use.

    At this point changing the subtitles isn’t an issue anymore, but rather just trying to make it more convenient for myself (or figure out why the hell MPC has subtitles grayed out for some reason, even after a fresh reinstall of CCCP). If you guys do not want to bother helping me out at this point, I understand.

    Thanks for the help guys.

  27. asd writes:

    So is coalgirls going to fix the OP problem being too short or are they going to just blame us

  28. ggxtreme writes:

    @sucram03: But won’t using a PC colorspace cause unnecessary BTB/WTW rescaling? All TV’s support TV colorspace, so there’s no reason not to use that option if available, as long as the pixel format is set correctly. From what I read (and tested myself) the only way to preserve original BTB/WTW levels is to use the RGB 4:4:4 (full RGB) pixel format with 16-235 levels in madVR. This crushes levels in the Windows UI, but videos display correctly.

  29. sucram03 writes:

    @ggxtreme: I’m a little too tired to go into the details, but you’re converting colorspaces from original encodes. Whatever information you read or wherever you’re getting this from is completely wrong. You never want to convert encodes to RGB, ever, ever. EVERYTHING done on Blu-Ray Almost all encodes are done with a planar colorspace YUV 4:2:0, most notably, YV12 and NV12. There is a reason why LAV CUVID (the CUDA video decoder) lets you output two colorspaces — YV12 & NV12.
    Just looking at two random 8-bit and 10-bit encodes, I see the same thing for both in Mediainfo. Color space is YUV, subsampled at 4:2:0, with bit depth being 8- or 10-bit according to each encode.

    The input is always 16-235 BTB/WTW, always. Again, this is from the source on DVD/Blu-Ray. You are selecting the output of which your display supports, and it’s only going to support one. You aren’t trying to convert it to what you think it should be, you’re selecting it so that proper color conversion can be done.

    There’s no way a conversion to RGB from a YUV source is displaying the video correctly, unless you’re doing an equal conversion. In which case, is pointless, because it should be displaying the exact same picture, yet you waste tons of resources doing so.

    Again, there’s all sorts of threads, and I found these just by google searches.
    Anyway, that’s all the input I’m offering. I’m really too tired and in way too much pain (will probably be having neck surgery soon) to offer more input, but trust me, you’re not on the right path.

    @Spirit Juice: I would help, but installation of CCCP just completely ruins a render chain, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what is wrong. Just make sure that the ‘Keys’ option in MPC-HC does actually have it bound to change the subtitle. Otherwise, I’m sure there’s something else that’s causing the issue. Good luck.

  30. ggxtreme writes:

    @sucram03: I understand all of that. I probably shouldn’t have stated the RGB claim so generally when the reason is rather specific: as far as I can tell, ATI cards do not output YCbCr pixel formats correctly—there is a green tint and/or other artifacts, and this has been widely reported on forums. This may be isolated to the HD 5XXX series though (which my laptop has). I can’t speak for other cards, but I assume that the Nvidia card on my other laptop defaults to RGB anyway, since I can’t find a pixel format setting.

    And since I mentioned the 16-235 setting for TV’s, all TV’s must support it since that’s what DVD/Bluray players and settop boxes output by default. Even if there are inputs on the TV that expect 0-255 levels, my reasoning is that there’s no reason to use those if you can avoid scaling entirely. I didn’t really feel like going into the reasons for my seemingly odd advice, but I wasn’t misinformed about pixel formats or video/display levels.

    Sorry to drag this [off-topic] discussion on like that =P

  31. nand writes:

    @ggextreme: Oh, you’re right. I confirmed myself and it’s an actual bug in the typesetting.

  32. Mcof writes:

    The nightly build of VLC handles these decently.

  33. sucram03 writes:

    Yeah, it is off-topic. But I’m sorry, you’re completely wrong and misinformed. If you do understand what I posted, you wouldn’t keep suggesting that people use a BTB/WTW value of 16-235 on a TV JUST because a TV “has to support it.” That’s ridiculous, and the last of what I’ll say here.

    To people asking for advice ANYWHERE about 10-bit playback, I would definitely heed the advice of others that are well-informed and have been trying to help people with proper playback chains for a while. You can do a google search for ‘haruhichan 10-bit’ which is a pretty basic guide, or even use one of the ones from ‘Ranpha’ who created both a CUDA & DXVA 8-bit playback guide, with 10-bit software decoding done by LAV video filters. Link to the CUDA guide:

  34. TooEarly writes:

    It’s way too early to start using 10-shit. It doesn’t work at all on my PS3 or my friends WDTV and I can’t get them to play on my Windows 7 PC or Macbook without crashing or looking like shit. (Yes I installed the appropriate codec packs, I’ve been debugging this shit for a week)

  35. T-Kay writes:

    Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. VLC plays sound, but shows a green picture. Media Player 11 doesn’t even start playing and Media Player Classic plays the entire thing, but doesn’t show subtitles no matter what I do. Changing the subs in haali or by hitting the s key does nothing. Subs don’t show at all.

  36. psycholysis writes:

    The OP is not too short, the portion that is cut out of the separate “OP” file is the ending picture that varies by episode, so it’s episode dependent and thus part of the episode proper. If it’s not displaying properly when you play an episode, update your codecs and video players and try again.

  37. nand writes:


    >It doesn’t work at all on my PS3 or my friends WDTV
    I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

  38. asd writes:

    @psycholysis Ah didn’t realize that. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. Nice release CGi.

  39. HereticalOwl writes:

    What, you couldn’t be bothered to do the last two episodes in 8 bit?

    • coalgirl writes:

      lol, thanks for the laugh. I enjoy being called lazy for re-encoding the entire series as opposed to doing 2 episodes only.

  40. splorg writes:

    anyone else getting choppy audio about every 10 or so seconds? as in the audio skips a bit or just cuts off for about a few milliseconds any help anyone? is it mpc-hc prob or madvr or haalisplitter? btw i can play 10-bit vid perfectly fine

  41. lcfx writes:

    @nand: What are you doing to get the subs display correctly?

  42. Anonymouse writes:

    Excellent release, coalgirls! Definitely enjoyed watching this series today.

    @LuisVII: I get the same issue when playing the NCOP file, seems like a framerate issue. MediaInfo reports the following:
    Frame rate: 25.000 fps
    Original frame rate: 23.976 fps

    I demuxed the file, forced the framerate back to 23.976 on the video track with mp4box, and remuxed, and it plays perfectly now. Dunno if coalgirls would bother with a v2 release for this or not.

    • ChrisK writes:

      We won’t. But this can also be fixed by simply remuxing with mkvmerge (MMG):
      Load the file, select the video track (“V_MPEG4/…”), go to “Format specific options” and set FPS to “24000/1001”. Hit “Start muxing” and you are done.

  43. sneezl writes:

    HereticalOwl could have been less rude about it, but it would have been nice to have the last episodes in 8bit as well, so those of us who have been relying on GPU acceleration for HD playback could have finished archiving/watching/whatever the series. with your encodes.

    I know, I know, too coal for me, /care, etc. Still, would have been nice.

  44. Random writes:

    So, anyone else having this problem with the OP?

  45. psycholysis writes:

    Are you getting similar issues with the rest of the episodes? Because if you are, it’s probably an issue with your codecs being too old to support the 10-bit encoding. Try installing the latest version of CCCP.

  46. GokuuSon writes:

    I have followed the guides to play 10-bit encodes to the T… and I’ll say this, it works perfectly on my desktop display or my laptop display, but as soon as I try to load it up on my HDTV, via HDMI, the picture just stays black, I may hear audio, but I will never get control back of the player. I have tried changing the madVR settings to 16-235, but it still does not work. The only way I get the picture back is by changing the Output renderer to Haali Splitter, which of course most likely defeats the purpose of trying to decode 10-bit. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. Thanks in advance.

  47. GokuuSon writes:

    Sorry to double post, but I think I’ve figured out my issue. I had to go into my video card graphics panel to change the color settings to controlled by NVIDIA rather than the video player and changed the Dynamic Range to “Full (0-255)”, which resolved my issue with madVR.

  48. Cmdr Brannick writes:

    Hey, does anyone know what codecs I need to download to convert this to avi? I use Prism Video Converter and I’ve updated a few but still ain’t working, I get audio but no video so i thought I may be missing a codec (It may be something entirly different though, i’m not sure). The weird thing is that it worked for Yumekui Merry which is a recent one but not for the other recent ones like this, Macross Frontier and Code Geass.

  49. 陆大官人 writes:

    10 bits?

  50. Muzicfreq writes:

    Ok this is a baaad idea Coalgirls. It just seems like you are just messing about using methods that annoy people and make us trying to find the solution to play the file

    CCCP worked wonders for YEARS and still works wonders till this day. If you add CoreAVC it works it’s magic even more.

    I suggest you make a pack of codecs and a media player that works for these releases.

    Downloaded the 1080p expecting greatness and all I get is this

    I mean, come on. This is bad using cccp optimized for playback on a quadcore cpu
    Tried it with dxva, coreavc, normal. Nothing.