Not The End (2)?

COVID has left me stuck at home and bored. Not being able to travel has left me time to work on new shows. Making some changes though, Haifuri will be my last show to get a 720/1080p release. From now on I will only be releasing shows in 1080p. Its 2021, I window shopped a 18TB HDD the other night, given our collective releases for the group are only ~6TB, I think HDD drive space is a non-issue these days.

It’s just me releasing stuff right now. Other group members are still doing their own things.

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  1. Brandon Reza writes:

    Hey there, I was wondering if you guys were looking for new staff members now that you are potentially coming back.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      We aren’t looking for new members at this time. Right now its just me releasing.

    • ChrisK writes:

      To expand on that: We don’t operate the traditional way. In this group, everyone works (mostly) on their own, so you have to be able to make a whole release yourself. To become a member, you have to start with submitting a completed show for review. If it’s good we may release it as guest release. After a few accepted guest releases you may become a regular member and release stuff on your own.

      So if you want to join us, start by making a release of a complete show and submit it to us for review. However, don’t expect any help from us in the process.

  2. Anon writes:

    Take it easy. Thanks for all the releases.

  3. Sadist writes:

    Nice! I jumped when I saw your Majo release on my RSS. Welcome back.

  4. Somebody writes:

    Been a huge fan for years, welcome back even if temporarily.

  5. Kafu writes:


  6. bottomRSSfeeder writes:

    Another RSS subscriber reporting in and hello.

    …Owari S2 and Zoku Owari? Maybe? Someday? Pretty please? (◕‿◕✿)

  7. Darkfox76 writes:

    Welcome back!

    Big fan of Coalgirls releases!

  8. WEEBSENPAI writes:

    Super excited to see more from you, Tenshi! Always loved your (and ofc the others’ in this group) releases!

  9. Mr.T writes:

    Awesome! Thx mate!!

  10. Jae Jin writes:

    Happy to have you guys back :3

  11. tac writes:


  12. naldafila writes:

    Welcome back! Thank you for the new releases 😀

  13. frequencylost writes:

    Wow, my Sonarr just pulled down a recent release with your tag so checked this website and seen this post. This is a pleasant surprise. For however long you’re back for, thank you for your releases.

  14. bleachedtwilight writes:

    Is mahoutsukai no yome on your radar at all?

  15. Garland writes:

    Amazing! With Evangelion 4.0 coming out can I assume this is something that will be done in the future? 😀

  16. rmbob101 writes:

    Hey! It’s great to see your doing better and back doing something your amazing at! Really appreciate the work you put into your releases.

  17. Nintendork writes:

    Consider another HDD for backup, now seagste & we reliability is like playing russian roulette.

  18. Caparazo writes:

    What a pleasant surprise!

  19. McLovin writes:

    Welcome back! So nice to see you guys again!

  20. Kevins202 writes:

    You’re back for Eva 3.0+1.0? 😀

  21. Yamisekai writes:

    Glad to see new releases from you guys <3
    Stay safe 🙂

  22. JSpaces writes:

    I hope you and your powerful workstation can continue for awhile. Your fans would love it.
    Really looking forward to viewing your releases. Take care and stay well.

  23. Strazdas writes:

    Glad i stuck around, then. I love your uncompromising quality 1080p rips. I even got nostalgic for the days we sat on Coax cables when one of your 70 GB releases took a whooping 10 hours to download 🙂

  24. Pontifex writes:

    If it does not bother you, do you mind sharing details on your setup and settings on making an encode release? How a target size for a release is determined acceptable is fascinating since output files sizes may differ every time depending on the source.

  25. naturelover12 writes:

    I’m happy to see you back, I hope this doesn’t take a toll on your health again!

    Are you still interested in the big Monogatari Project that was talked about in the past?

  26. patoivan writes:

    Glad you’re back. You guys have the best quality by far, thank you so much for all the effort.

  27. pembajak writes:

    welcome back

  28. Luccas writes:

    Wb and thank you! 🙂

  29. gyroPP writes:


    welcome back 😳😳
    Coalgirls has been my favourite releases, so glad you’re back.

  30. waseem writes:

    Welcome back

  31. Bakayalo writes:

    Welcome back!
    Any chance for any Aikatsu! release?

  32. Kira writes:

    Welcome back!

    would it possible for you to edit the episode 26 of “Heroic Age” OR upload a fixed .ssa file?
    around 00:19:31 there’s missing a line of sub
    after 00:19:40 the subs from the songs are overwriting the subs from spoken

    Kind Regards

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      I will not be re-visiting that project. You can extract the sub file yourself with gMKVExtract and make the necessary edits as required.

  33. Alexander B. writes:

    Exciting stuff!

  34. xenomic writes:

    I’m glad you’re still having fun creating releases. The most important thing is, doing this will not cover the sun and clouds in the sky again. Love your stuff!

  35. OCG writes:

    Very happy to see there is still activity going on.
    I have a question.
    Is there any chance Mirai Nikki can somehow get finished?
    Coalgirls release had a great potential to be the best one before dropped.
    If GotWoot subs are inaccessible for continuation, is it possible to perhaps use Commie script and just stylize them to look like GotWoot?
    Commie release is fully softsubbed without anything hardcoded btw.
    If not possible however, I understand.

  36. Zohan21 writes:

    Not able to travel – are a backpacker, travel blogger or digital nomad?

  37. U.S. Grant writes:

    Thanks to Corinna, HDD are expensive like hell. For example, a WD 18 TB HD cost nearly 800 EUR or more. It applies for Seagate also. Furthermore, I have seen prices that reach up to 1500 EUR.

  38. NikoNellas writes:

    tbh i pooped myself abit when i saw cg is kinda active again

  39. reminiscence writes:

    Welcome back!!
    Really takes me to the 20s

  40. Cosm writes:

    Welcome Back! <3

  41. Tactical Pinata writes:

    Chiming in late but, welcome back. We missed you!

  42. A Fan writes:

    Welcome back!! You’ve been missed!

  43. shaun writes:


  44. choco writes:

    Welcome back. Stay healthy and happy 🙂

  45. ChowChow writes:

    Welcome Back!
    Been a huge fan of your release back those days.
    Hope you will pick up a good anime,

  46. JackAss writes:

    Wow! Welcome back, from me, too! You have always been my favorite site, until you shut down, and what a sad day that was! Great you’re open again! And thanks for the state-of-the-art Majo no tabita!

  47. Pleppie writes:

    Welcome back! At least some good news amidst the pandemic!

    I’ve never found any encodings even remotely as good as yours, great to know i can look forward to some more good stuff! It really shows the effort put into it. I always came here for anime before anywhere else even if you wouldn’t have all the airing season because of the quality!

    Hope you’re doing well, Thanks!

  48. Pray writes:

    I’m late, but ayy lmao yeet

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