Not The End?

Some items arrived in the mail. Naturally this stuff has to be tested………..

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  1. anon writes:


  2. Anon writes:

    You are always playing with my heart. I’m excited to see new things 🙂

  3. Anonymous writes:

    But why no Threadripper or Epyc though? More cores at less prices looks like a no brainer to me.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Besides being an intel fangirl, those Epyc run HOT. I don’t have enough juice to feed 6 of those at full load on single circuit.

  4. OK writes:

    Awesome. Nothing best short of re-encoding some ultra high quality releases to test the CPU’s ? 😀

  5. Anonymous writes:

    The Grand Monogatari Project seems like a fine candidate…

  6. Meow writes:

    Oh wow, lots of CPUs. Have fun with the build.

  7. anon2289 writes:

    Guys, finish the Yuru Yuri please.

  8. Matheus Pinheiro Leite writes:

    Good thing a check this site every month or so.
    Happy to know there are some future projects, be they anime related or not. Hope everything works well to you guys

  9. Sophodot writes:

    Even if this is for nothing but to prolong the life of the website, I am glad to see you have not left entirely.

  10. Anon writes:

    I guess it’s time to train a convolutional neural network on high-quality Coalgirls releases and use it to upscale the old ones!

  11. daddytwopointoh writes:

    I had hope!

    You are all beautiful human beings! <3<3

  12. Anon writes:

    Any chance of getting a koyomimonogatari release with this?
    What’re you planning on doing with so many cpus? Sounds super interesting!

  13. Anon writes:

    Does this mean you’re back? You guys were my favourite

  14. sasapesso writes:

    love you

  15. nono writes:

    just when i thought fansubbing is dying left and right, there is a small glimpse of hope again

  16. kojika writes:

    Let me guess… you’re going to start Bitcoin mining.

  17. JSpaces writes:

    I am sure glad I checked the site again. I always found Coalgirls to produce awesome BD rips. When it was posted that it was the end, I was left wanting. I hope to see some more Coalgirls videos in the future.
    Having all those CPUs running in my workstation/server would be a dream.
    All the best, Tenshi.

  18. Jwoyal writes:

    wo you’re alive

  19. ellya writes:

    I don’t know more than that I both like and admire your works, with regards to several interests, so with that… love! My point is, you’re awesome. Have fun with that mail!

  20. Formentera writes:

    Hey, welcome back. It’s good to see you again.

  21. Delgom writes:

    I’m so glad that there is still hope :)) Love your projects and fortunately, I was able to ‘collect’ all of them 😛 Just say when you need any kind of help or something.

  22. 025bw writes:

    yay Monogatari please yay peace peace

  23. anon writes:

    Just want to say thanks for all you do, lots of people really appreciate it, me included.

  24. HotBasio writes:

    yay coal is back.
    thank you for all the sub and bd.

  25. L writes:

    Hope more will come!! Your releases are the best <3

  26. cody writes:

    i hope to see more. I just want to say i love all that you have done. Found a lot of great shows on here. I recently got into magical girl shows pretty cure,card captor sakura, and nanoha. I have to save i love the rips on them here they are fantastic. Keep up the good work

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