The End

It has been over a year since I last subbed anything, and as a result, my mental health has improved a ton. I’m sure you know, but I have paranoid personality disorder, which I may have actually developed from fansubbing. But whether it came from fansubbing, something else, or if I was just born with it, I’ve managed to get it under control over the last year by engaging in other activities and with other people.

I don’t want to re-agitate it with all the progress I’ve made, so I am going to officially drop any open project I still have. I apologize to those waiting patiently for me.

ChrisK Edit: Everyone else is also (mostly) out. The website and tracker will stay up for the foreseeable future. Comments are disabled because we won’t read them.

198 Responses to The End

  1. caffeineAnarchist writes:

    WEll THanks! for EVERTHING and you will be missed 🙂 good Luck to all of you <3

  2. Curdi writes:

    Well shit. You weren’t UTW but still…

  3. Obama writes:

    Looking forward to not reading about your suicide in the future.

  4. poopybutts writes:

    >fansubbing gave me PPD
    Had a good chuckle over this.
    I did really appreciate the work you did, though.

  5. Tykee writes:

    @RIP don’t forget Sallysubs too, they’re all retiring, im so sad im gonna Bawl :((((((

  6. AI writes:

    I haven’t visited the page in a while and the first post I read is “The End”.

    another good fansub group gone </3

    for the years of dedicated fansubbing THANK YOU!

  7. Tony writes:

    Well, so long and thank you for all your bloated releases whose filesizes made me feel very good about downloading them. It’s like buying expensive food and feeling like it’s delicious even if it actually isn’t (except your releases did look good).

  8. Jones writes:

    Been watching your subs for so long. It’s sad to see a really kickass subbing group close up shop. Still it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for all the subs! You were and still greatly appreciated! Take care all of yah! You will be missed…IMMENSELY! (“(n_n)”)

    Good luck to all of you! 🙂

  9. Takeo writes:

    Seems a lot of you Fan Subbers and “Anime Torrent sites are quitting or being shutdown etc. Though the simple truth is all you were just pirating and or stealing nothing more, you all make fansubbing sound like its some high and mighty thing. Fan Subs are theft period…

  10. JSpaces writes:

    Your high quality releases have provided many hours of viewing pleasure.
    One’s health is the most important aspect to happiness. Thus I wish you well Coalgirl and that your future remains bright.
    Thank you Coalgirl, CrisK, Tenshi and Cyras for all of your hard work. Your signature releases were worthy and much appreciated.

  11. Ougi writes:

    A little late but thank you for everything. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing.
    Also good luck in the jobs!
    For those saying that fansubs are theft or fansubbing is stealing, that’s a very old argument that have been proved wrong every time.

  12. Monogatari Fan writes:

    Thank you so so much over the years for all the fansubbing! I’ve been a coalgirls Monogatari series fan since forever! I’m really glad things are making a better turn for you all! Though I really would’ve hoped for a continuation of just the Monogatari series fansub T.T

  13. george gutarra writes:

    Hi. I would like to ask you if you can suggest me another high-quality web page like yours please? Really sad for your desicion, yet I wish you the best!!

  14. Tada no otaku writes:

    Thanks for everything!

  15. RustyPwns writes:

    It bums me out to see you go. You always provided one of the best sources for fansub content. Goodluck in your future endeavors and continue on with feeling better. Life’s a weird journey that’s for sure.

  16. zardneurosis writes:

    thanks for everything and good luck

  17. Nero writes:


  18. Caliboy writes:

    I’ve had the pleasure of viewing your subbing for a number of years and I truly appreciate the time and effort put into every facet of your work. You and the rest of the crew have helped promote this wonderful medium called Anime and my kids just love your releases so it is with a heavy heart I say “farewell and take care”, you ALL will be sorely missed!
    It was great while it lasted but…
    Your health must come first! Good luck and God bless!

  19. NoxArt writes:

    Your subs were great, thank you!
    Wishing all good to your future lives

  20. kenren writes:

    I came here for the quality rips not the subs. But anyway thanks for all your efforts.

  21. TheGBlanston writes:

    Thank you all for all of the work you did.
    What you did is not a career and it’s far too labor and time-intensive to be sustained as a hobby.
    Ignore the trolls, get on with your improved life and look back on Coalgirls as a testament to your ability to persevere.
    May all your futures be ones that please you.

  22. suechtiGER writes:

    10years ago, i visited this awesome group here.. and downloaded arround half of the listed animes..

    all i can say and give to you is: THANKS for your work and your time spended on the homepage

    wish you guys the best for you lifes 🙂

  23. Dread writes:

    Thank you for everything. I really hope that the website stays up. You guys have some of my favorite anime and i dont have enough space on my pc to keep it all locally, lol.

  24. gorz writes:

    Thank you! as an editor and on behalf of a lot of other AMV editors I thank you guys for the remarkable quality of work you provided us throughout the years. This site was and still is my Alma mater. Best of luck in the future.

  25. Hyok writes:

    I have enjoyed with yours. Thank you!

  26. Hugo De-La-Torre-Olano writes:

    Muchos años han pasado desde que empeze a descargar de esta pagina. Si bien es cierto que Ingles no es mi lengua materna, los subtitulos en ingles son casi como ella.

    No me queda mas que sacarme el sobrero y agradecerles por su tiempo y dedicacion a este pasatiempo que muchos como yo lo hemos aprovechado y disfrutado.

    Que todo les vaya bien en el futuro y sus metas y sueños se realizen.

  27. spencer writes:

    hey thanks guys, stay healthy

  28. Fenrir writes:


  29. klv12gcn writes:

    Can anyone reseed this torrent?
    I’m trying to get the 720p version and being stuck at 84% for some time now.

  30. GOUKI writes:

    Very sad to see a great group go out, but it is inevitable since real life takes priority, Thank You for all the subbin you have done until now. May your soul rest in pepperonis from here until the next stage, good luck and have a great journey in life.

    So many great sub groups are now restin in the deep darkest parts of the net, i salute the gone heroes of all anime lover.

  31. Some dewd writes:

    I don’t usually comment. Thanks for everything till now. You guys really made my life just a bit better.

    Good luck to you all!

  32. coops writes:

    It really is a sad day i’ve watched lots of great anime thanks to the coalgirls and for me the name is synonymous with good taste and quality thanks for everything and I wish you all the best

  33. kishan writes:

    i don’t know why but i feel very sad. after reading this. thank you for everything you did , beast of luck in your life. sorry for my bad English.

  34. Chris writes:

    Thanks for all your hard work and wish all the best for your future.

    Take care

  35. TheDemonPirate writes:

    Thank you for all the amazing work you’ve done.
    Good luck and godspeed in all your future endeavors.

  36. MistgunZero writes:

    Congratulations. Hope you live the rest of your life in peace kaka! And thank you for your work all these years. Come back if you feel lonely. We assholes will always be there for you!

  37. lilke writes:

    I’m glad to hear that you are getting better 🙂 Thanks for everything you have done 🙂

  38. The_Bronn writes:

    I just watched your sub of AnoHana and decided to come to your site to check out other projects since I liked your work a lot. I’m sorry to hear how hard it was for you and I’m glad to know you’re doing better. Please keep up with your job and life and be the best you can! You did a great job for all of us who loved your work for such a long time! また会う日までお元気で!さよなら友よ!

  39. Delgom writes:

    I tried to search everywhere for Minami-ke Tadaima (720) and The Borrower Arrietty (720p) but was unable to find anything :/
    It is almost 6 months and we are still stuck at 98% and 99,4% on them. I think they are lost unless someone from Coalgirls group still has it ;(

  40. Cheeeef writes:

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done. Good luck with all future endeavors and stay healthy.

  41. Pikminiman writes:

    I see that question mark you just added, don’t even play.

  42. Kalcipher writes:

    Thank you for your years of service. I have almost all of your encodes… they will live on.

  43. Pleppie writes:

    Thanks for everything!
    This is the first place i go for downloading my stuff, the quality is always so good! But your health is above all, if you don’t feel good doing it there’s no point. I’m sure it can be quite stressful, even more to maintain the quality. I hope coalgirs doesn’t die anytime soon, but if it is a result of yall going along with your lives and taking care of your wellbeing i’ll be happy for it.

  44. Greed writes:

    Thanks for all the work you’ve done!
    Hope you will get better(even more)

  45. Laurn writes:

    U r the best!!. Stay healthy and happy. You won’t be forgotten. Peace.

  46. Onii Chan writes:

    arigato thx for everything u did ….good luck ……Mata Ne ^^

  47. Tykee writes:

    im just thinking if i ever learn to fansub and learn your standards can i be a member of this haitus site? just wondering…

  48. Dustin writes:

    Unfortunate but understandable. Thanks for all the high-quality work that you did! Take care and thanks for all your hard work!