The End

It has been over a year since I last subbed anything, and as a result, my mental health has improved a ton. I’m sure you know, but I have paranoid personality disorder, which I may have actually developed from fansubbing. But whether it came from fansubbing, something else, or if I was just born with it, I’ve managed to get it under control over the last year by engaging in other activities and with other people.

I don’t want to re-agitate it with all the progress I’ve made, so I am going to officially drop any open project I still have. I apologize to those waiting patiently for me.

ChrisK Edit: Everyone else is also (mostly) out. The website and tracker will stay up for the foreseeable future. Comments are disabled because we won’t read them.

198 Responses to The End

  1. Akkun_is_a_fgt writes:

    thanks for all you’ve done. take care of yourself first. be well

  2. Sharif writes:

    Thank you for all the years of quality rips and especially fansubs!
    You were the first the group I would have checked when I used to watch anime more often

    Take care and have a great life =)

  3. Amit Dutta writes:

    Will we see you back sometime in the future, in case you change your mind??

  4. Delta writes:

    still downloading all your torrents lol the work you guys and gals have done is the best around but good luck tho coalgirls will be missed

  5. nono writes:

    <am crying, sad story time and sad ending
    exactly what Sharif wrote you stole my first 🙂
    Thank you for all the years of quality rips and especially fansubs!
    You were the first the group I would have checked when I used to watch anime more often

    Take care and have a great life =)

  6. loganj writes:

    thank you for your hard work. much appreciated.
    And most importantly, have a nice life

  7. Concerned Individual writes:

    Thank you for your hard work, much appreciated. Take care of your self and don’t worry about anything else.

  8. Creator writes:

    Thanks for the past.
    Good luck for the future.

  9. Billbop writes:

    Are you a tranny?

  10. Doom55 writes:

    Guys what are you doing? don’t you see he testing us? ;D

  11. ShadowVlican writes:

    Thanks for all you’ve provided for us! You will be missed! May your work be immortalized in the internet

  12. Sooven writes:

    Thank you for all the amazing things and hard work you have done for us. And i wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

  13. Kirsky writes:

    Glad you are feeling better. Thank you for all the releases. Wish you the best!

  14. Rlex writes:

    RIP Koyomimonogatari. Was waiting for your release for over a year now 🙁

    I hope some other groups put out releases for it, Kizu, and Owari2 so I can wrap up the series without a major shift in translation and quality.

  15. Ken writes:

    “Oh Captain! My Captain!”

  16. whinette writes:

    I wish you all the well, thanks for these past years.

  17. Lenrivk writes:

    Thank you for everything. I simply cannot put into words how the discovery of, well, yourself, helped me. Especially, ironnically perhaps, regarding my mental health, perhaps as a form of escapism I guess.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll just go better and better.


  18. Mii writes:

    The most important thing is that you’re feeling better now. Mental disorders aren’t a small thing to deal with, I have had big problems myself too in my life and wouldn’t really want to deal with them again. Thank you for all the releases, you have done lots of good and respectable work for us. I don’t know if we see in the future if you decide to release a thing or two, but it’s best not to do too much and stress yourself from now on, if things are the way they are.

    At first your releases didn’t impress me that much, but over the years I’ve seen you improve to be a really quality and trustworthy fansub group and I can download any release from you without thinking it might not be so good. I can really see you’ve put effort to these releases and made sure everything’s okay. Nowadays you can see so many new blu-ray releases from some other guys who either don’t know what they’re doing or don’t put much effort to fix the timings or typesets, but you do, and I know it takes effort. So I’m really glad you existed as a fansub group and I got to know you and download your releases.

    Thank you, really. Farewell then.

  19. Senpai writes:

    I searched for monogatari series and did not find any working torrents. After a long search I ended up here at coal girls website and downloaded bakemonogatri and watched 1st episode, the quality was amazingly good and started downloading the remaining of series and when I scrolled down to end of the web page found this announcement “THE END”. I dont know anything about coal girls website before and this is my first comment here. I did not expect my first comment will be my last comment in this site.

    Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for this good quality anime that you left behind, your work shows how great person you are. I mean you did all this to give good quality anime to others. It feels bad to know that this ends here. It is hard to say farewell but the sake of your health goodbye. I wish Good health for you.

  20. DS091 writes:

    thank you and farewell!

  21. Zaiden writes:

    Thank you for all the time you put in. Truly the heroes that the anime community needed, but didn’t deserve.

  22. fewqa writes:

    dam it another bites the dust.

  23. Sophodot writes:

    Here I am, witnessing the end of another fansub and bringing me closer to follow suit and quit anime. I have convinced myself that happiness=health and that if something worsens your condition, there is no more compelling reason to stop doing it. You have already given us many quality works and hopefully this site will stay up so that people in the future can continue to watch them. Thank you.

  24. venn writes:

    Thank you for your work! All the best for the future!

  25. LJK writes:

    Thank you for your efforts and..
    the best of luck for what ever you will be doing! 🙂

  26. zetsu_shoren writes:

    nigga i never wanted to get FFF for yryr3

    hoping this is just a prank

    Coalgirls still at least top 3 in history

  27. anon writes:

    Anime was the initial panacea that helped fight off my own ‘issues’ and its really sad to see this news.

    For my own part other stuff thats helped me is things like getting out into nature, and most importantly learning not to give a fuck about what others say/do/think etc

    Best of luck for the future. Coalgirls will be remembered as one of the best.

  28. 8man writes:

    Although this is sad news it’s clearly worth it if it improves the mental health of someone who has contributed so much to the anime community. Thanks for all your past work and best of luck for the future.

  29. Cloud669 writes:

    you never can truly retire from fansubbing.

  30. 00SaS writes:

    Bye bye CG. Tnx for everything…

  31. andrewpmh writes:

    Thanks for everything. I hope you keep it up!
    Cheers and love from Venezuela and Chile <3

  32. anonymous writes:

    what about the Koyomimonogatari? waiting for it like an year or so. please atleast post it.

  33. anonymous writes:


    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  34. Nanashi writes:

    Truly the end of an era.

  35. Sirius Zero writes:

    And so, just like that song “Sand Planet feat. Hatsune Miku” by Hachi, and the post above me, the era is changing.

    Truly, thanks for all the hard work you and your team have brought to us. You’ve done a great job. It’s good to hear that your mental health has improved a lot ever since. Keep up your lifestyle, maintain your health! What you have contributed to the anime fans has indeed brought joy. It’s a bit sad that we won’t be able to anticipate a release any time now… still, good job!

    Have a great day always! Thanks for everything.

  36. Grif writes:

    Thanks for an amazing Bakemonogatari sub. I’m sorry I won’t see Kizu or Owari S2 in your high-quality style, but your mental health comes first, always. I hope you have fun with whatever you do in the future!

  37. WhoFramedRogerRabbit writes:

    Thanks for all the subs! 🙂

  38. notamoose writes:

    Thank you for everything

  39. anonymous writes:

    Thank you for your years of high-quality releases! You brought a lot of enjoyment and good anime into the lives of a lot of people. Take care of yourself, have a great life!

  40. Hatzu writes:

    Thanks for all the work you have done and the joy you have brought us. Best of wishes!

  41. BibleThump writes:

    sadly it seems to be recent trend where groups fall apart just before anime ends 🙁
    and there are no groups to replace them because “officials” killed everyone’s desire to sub

    thanks for all the work and good luck in your lives

  42. Geeman writes:

    Thanks Coal Girls. Is been great visiting your website
    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours
    Do take care

  43. anon54485 writes:

    Thanks for everything and GL in life!

  44. Sauce writes:

    I loved your Monogatari Series releases, thank you very much! Take care!

  45. Quito writes:

    I’m not one to usually leave a comment but I felt like this was a time where I should say something.

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done over the years. Fansubbing is definitely hard work (that is not appreciated by many) and I would like to thank you for sticking with it as long as you have. You’ve made it possible for me to watch some of my favorite shows subbed and I’m sure all the content you’ve left behind will still be watched by many people going forward.

    Hope you keep doing well and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  46. Fred writes:

    Well, that’s sad, I was waiting for Aikatsu. I hope you get your things together. Thanks for all your work.

  47. Train1305 writes:

    See ya guys and good luck for your future. You have already contributed a lot.

  48. Frederik writes:

    Thanks for everything. You’ve always been Top Tier 10/10 quality, and I’ve always loved your fansubs.
    Everything must come to an end, and I hope your mental health will get well again. I know the struggles of declining mental health, so i wish you all the best.

    You will always be my go-to source, for everything you’ve subbed until now.

  49. L writes:

    Thank you for everything! Health always comes first, so I’m glad you’re finding your way.
    The work you’ve done will forever be appreciated.

  50. Long-time Lurker writes:

    I’m crying right now, I’ll be drinking to you tonight ; _ ;

    Thank you Kristen, Tenshi, ChrisK, and Cyras, for all the anime (and drama) you’ve churned out through all these years!! Its been a great run, and quite a ride for myself, and I wish you all the best! I’m just sorry I never left a thank-you at every release of yours I grabbed (~75% of your catalogue? lol). With even CGi gone, I might as well be in the death throes of my interest in Japanese animation; you’ve always been my primary source for anime c:

    A big THANK YOU for all that you’ve done for the community and I, and I’ll see you in another life. When we are all cats.