The End

It has been over a year since I last subbed anything, and as a result, my mental health has improved a ton. I’m sure you know, but I have paranoid personality disorder, which I may have actually developed from fansubbing. But whether it came from fansubbing, something else, or if I was just born with it, I’ve managed to get it under control over the last year by engaging in other activities and with other people.

I don’t want to re-agitate it with all the progress I’ve made, so I am going to officially drop any open project I still have. I apologize to those waiting patiently for me.

ChrisK Edit: As for Tenshi and me, we found nice full-time jobs that keep us busy. Not sure about Cyras, he may or may not release something, but don’t hope for it. The website and tracker will stay up for the foreseeable future.

158 Responses to The End

  1. caffeineAnarchist writes:

    WEll THanks! for EVERTHING and you will be missed 🙂 good Luck to all of you <3

  2. Curdi writes:

    Well shit. You weren’t UTW but still…

  3. Obama writes:

    Looking forward to not reading about your suicide in the future.

  4. poopybutts writes:

    >fansubbing gave me PPD
    Had a good chuckle over this.
    I did really appreciate the work you did, though.

  5. Tykee writes:

    @RIP don’t forget Sallysubs too, they’re all retiring, im so sad im gonna Bawl :((((((

  6. AI writes:

    I haven’t visited the page in a while and the first post I read is “The End”.

    another good fansub group gone </3

    for the years of dedicated fansubbing THANK YOU!

  7. Tony writes:

    Well, so long and thank you for all your bloated releases whose filesizes made me feel very good about downloading them. It’s like buying expensive food and feeling like it’s delicious even if it actually isn’t (except your releases did look good).

  8. Jones writes:

    Been watching your subs for so long. It’s sad to see a really kickass subbing group close up shop. Still it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for all the subs! You were and still greatly appreciated! Take care all of yah! You will be missed…IMMENSELY! (“(n_n)”)

    Good luck to all of you! 🙂

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