So, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t released anything in over 3 months. Not only that, but I’ve only released 2 series since getting my job in late May.

It’s about time to be straight – I don’t see myself returning to vigorous fansubbing again. Simply put, my interests have sort of just changed over the past 9 (!) years. I’d rather write, game, and work than continue to sub.

That said, let’s give information about any project that may possibly have been announced or started.

Aikatsu – Will finish to the end of Starlight Academy’s series.
Aikatsu Awards Show – Cancelled
Aikatsu Stars – Cancelled
Asterisk – Will complete. Will work using FFF subs as far as possible, and switch to Heroine when I run out of their subs.
Evangelion – Sure, I’ll come back and do this when it’s released in 2020.
Gochiusa – Will complete.
Grand Monogatari Project – Cancelled
Kizumonogatari – Cancelled
Koyomimonogatari – Will start and complete. We’ve already put too much work into it.
Rewrite – Cancelled
Sailor Moon – Cancelled
Yuru Yuri S3 – Will complete using FFF as far as possible, and then Horrible + My own bad TSing to do 11-12.

Maybe you’re celebrating. Maybe you’re mourning. Either way, it is what it is. That said, I am calling this a hiatus instead of a retirement because as my old friend Cloud668 used to say, you never can truly retire from fansubbing.

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  1. ReadyRed writes:

    This news makes me really sad, since coalgirls become my main source of bd. Btw big thanks to all of you and im hoping you all gonna back to fansubing even it gonna take a years and all of us become old man, it doesnt matter cause coalgirls is my maun source of bd

  2. JSpaces writes:

    I kind of figured that this was coming with the amount of activity recently.
    I have been downloading and watching all of your releases from the beginning. I always visited your website for updates. I never cared about the size of the releases. I always wanted quality. Coalgirls always delivered IMHO.
    The amount of time involved to create a quality release is considerable. From the time to encode, obtaining and updating the subtitle scripts then muxing it all together. Just wow. It amazes me on how productive you and everyone from Coalgirls were. I will truly miss your releases. Thank you again for all your efforts!
    May your future path lead you and yours to happiness and joy. Take care…

  3. DarkLorD writes:

    This is sad. Thank you for everything. Coalgirls is the best!

  4. Tsudip Rai writes:

    Sad news to hear this… But I want you to thank for everything which you have done till now…

    I really appreciate all your works…

  5. andrewpmh writes:

    Sad to hear, but it is understandable. I will keep checking every now and then. Best wishes!

  6. anonemoose writes:

    >Monogataris cancelled
    i cry every time

  7. skyhack writes:

    Well, I, for one, will sorely miss you.
    Good luck and Godspeed.

  8. anony writes:


    Yeah, about that…

  9. KongFire writes:


    Anyway, thanks for everything you have done, been doing, and will do!

  10. gar writes:

    Thank you for the announcement and for finishing Aikatsu. You are amazing!

  11. Bobby Quo writes:

    OMG. WHY. SAD. The animes your upload are top of the quality compared to most I find in torrents. Lol. I also replaced some of my animes with yours because of the quality. ? Cheers for the great work and hope you can continue doing it in your free time. ? And also a big thank you for your work. ? Greatly appreaciate your work. ? Haha. Cheers and Good luck in this world man. ?

    Edit: I posted this in another post. :’/ lol. #fail

  12. Joseph writes:

    Like you said i’m happy for asterisk and mourning for monogatari.

    Anyway thank you for everything until now. I really hope you can still deliver other BD sub in the future because you . Once again thank you for everything.

  13. Anonymous writes:

    I’ve always enjoyed Coalgirls releases ever since I’ve been torrenting anime. So to see y’all go, but best of luck in the future!

  14. Anonymous writes:

    thanks for all the animemes! Loved your subs and typesetting!

  15. Sagnik Paul writes:

    Thanks for your effort throughout all these years! Good luck with your job. Loved the monogatari subs! Will surely miss coalgirls.

  16. Clitteral Damage writes:

    good luck with your wife and kids

  17. Ocean writes:


  18. Sina writes:

    IS it Aprils fools day ? is it ? I hope it is !

  19. DDD writes:

    Was hoping you would write Monogatari being dropped rather than cancelled :((

  20. Mari writes:

    Wow, this is really sad news. However, thank you for all the effort you guys have placed into this. A part of me wished that this is just a joke. But I understand since we all have lives.

  21. niko writes:

    im kinda sad…. but i hope youll get along and stuff
    never forget that i will always keep some disk space just for you reserved <3

  22. Bobby green writes:

    Thank you. You’re actually the greatest. You’re actually the best. You’re going to be missed.

  23. Vincent Lai writes:

    I actually cried a little. Thanks for all your work, I wish you luck in the future. You will be missed :/.

  24. Asu writes:

    Really appreciate your work and everything you guys did. Hope you eventually return for to share with us a series you enjoy or w/e. Good luck in the future.

  25. Palladium writes:


    i’ve been following this site since index, and since then i downloads almost all of your releases, about 94% of anime in my drive come from you guys. It’s deeply saddening me to watch your hiatus. But life must goes on and it’s the important thing

    Please accept my deepest thanks for all the effort and dedication you guys put to provide us some high quality anime. I hope all of you get some great thing as the karmic retribution.

    Thank You, and GBU

    p.s. hey if sometimes in the future we happen to see each other just asks and i’ll be glad to help you guys with all i can.

  26. Nero writes:

    Another comrade lost to wageslavery.
    Lest we forget.

  27. Anime Crazy writes:

    Thanks for all those gorgeous releases. It is ok. Have fun there and I wish you best at your life and job. My only regret is to not date with you. Apparently, I am far away. It is cool to date with an anime lover girl 😉

  28. HiKi writes:

    >Grand Monogatari Project – Cancelled
    I crie dude…

  29. felisconcolori writes:

    Monogatari cancelled, not dropped.

    I cry.

  30. UpURs writes:

    Okay. Lets get this straight… You guys on “hiatus”, I am sad. But Monogatari, Kizu, Koyo… CANCELLED?! I mean that’s just crazy. That’s should never be cancelled… Please let it drop…

  31. nono writes:

    initiate dropping
    maybe it works

  32. danlor writes:

    I truly appreciate all you have done. I consider your releases to be a benchmark in the community, and a level that all releases should aspire to be. While I know you don’t care about my opinion, I did want to say farewell. I hope to see you guys around in the future.

  33. Kirisaki writes:

    Please do Code Geass when it comes, season 3 ;-; (It has just been announced today) ( https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/5f4g6a/code_geass_s3_announced_lelouch_of_the/ )

  34. Kitty Fur writes:

    Monogatari cancelled… those two words together feel like a knife in my chest T_T

  35. Dan Davis writes:

    Nine years is a long time.

    Still, you have given me a lot of contentment for just the effort of downloading during those years.

    Shouganai. If you choose to lay down your brush then only the most selfish could complain. Daifuku.

  36. Nokek writes:

    Thank you for all your efforts up until now. Enjoy your hiatus and good luck with what you’re doing with life 🙂

  37. SayaViking writes:

    This is sad news but thank you very much for what you have done up until now! Hope everything goes well with what you will do in the future! Good wishes!

  38. ap1234 writes:

    >grand mono cancelled

    goddaman it ): i was really looking forward to nise and second season being revamped. now there is no hope for a good second season release :/

    thanks for all your hard work cgi

  39. Korok writes:

    Thank you and have a good time. You have enough Karma point for the rest of your life

    +1 Karma

  40. Anonymous writes:

    I have never really commented before on this site but I just want to thank you for all the releases and I hope that you might someday continue to do this because a lot of people truly appreciated it.

  41. Mistgun Zero writes:

    I figured something like this would happen. It was only a matter of time. Thanks for the work. And Monogatari T_T. It was supposed to be dropped, not cancelled. At least Kizu….it is pretty much the masterpiece of the whole series.

    Well, hope to see you once in a while. Good Luck.

  42. Yanis Benson writes:

    Your works were a huge part of my life through this years. Thank you very much.

  43. Tykee writes:

    Thank you very much for giving us great quality animes. I’ll always looking forward to your future releases.

  44. ThunderIce writes:

    Thank you for all your work and effort throughout the years in bringing us high quality releases, we really appreciated it. Sad to see you go; best of luck for the future.

  45. Miketsukami-kun writes:

    Well, I’ll miss your releases and thank you for everything up till now.
    Hope to see you in the future even it’s only once in while. I wish you the best of luck!

  46. Hazu writes:

    Thanks for all your work, every Coalgirls release I have experienced has been a good one.

  47. Bouncy writes:

    thank you for everything. I hope you guys do come back and fansub Kizumono at least. I know that you guys said it was cancelled, however, my collection of Monogatari series always came from your fansubs so I hope you will do it for your fans. I probably won’t go for another subber of Kizumono unless it is your fansubs or someone with equal quality. Still I have to thank you for all the amazing releases!

  48. RIP writes:


  49. Sirius Zero writes:

    This is quite saddening but, we know that this would truly come someday. Still, thank you very much for providing quality releases! All your work has brought smile to our faces. It’s been quite a run, hope you guys have a great time with whatever you’re all doing. Enjoy, Keep Calm and Stay Awesome! Have a Great Day, Guys! I’ll be looking forward to the day, Coalgirls relive again.

  50. (n_n)/ ~Hi, Coalgirls…
    …My Call “Please Seed” Coalgirls Torrent List “Name-Lsit”

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