Kizumonogatari Info

Kizumonogatari will not be done until Koyomimonogatari is done (trying to do it in the month of August). It also will not be released until at least September 7th.

Also, Kizu is dropped.

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  1. Lordfire writes:

    Hopefully a decent fansub group will release a decent trantlation prior to that certain date

  2. andrewpmh writes:

    Forever loving you guys <3

  3. fewqa writes:

    its dropped. k

  4. Etzimal writes:

    “Also, Kizu is dropped.”

    Good good. I was worried.

  5. EvilKnight writes:

    I hope it won’t be Commie or a sub similar to Commie. As their subs would be rather…dodgy.

  6. Anoni writes:

    >I hope it won’t be Commie
    fnord is probably the only active TL even remotely capable of translating Kizu well.

  7. SenjougaharaFanatic writes:

    All I can say is… THANKS!

  8. Dancho writes:

    How do you get pictures for your comments???

  9. R writes:

    When you say “random TL”, how random do you mean? Would, say, an enterprising person at JLPT N2 level who was just going to watch it raw but might have time to pump out an original TL cut it, or nah?

    • coalgirl writes:

      It’d be reviewed and if it was better than what is available, it’d be used.

  10. Anon writes:

    Dancho, the pictures come via Gravatar usually

  11. Peach of Death writes:

    Good to know but you’re still planning to drop Owari in the next couple of days too right?

  12. Z4ST1N writes:

    >If no fansub group has released a decent translation at that certain date, we will do a root canal on the best iteration of the novel TL out there.

    R.I.P. fansubbing

  13. Kitty Fur writes:

    Should we expect a version of Koyomigatari from you guys?

  14. Cezar writes:

    >tfw commie dropped Kizu

    K. I’ll kill myself.

  15. Tao the Ninja 「氷」 writes:

    Hi! I’m Tao. I recently put out original subs for Kizu and would be interested in discussing a collaboration. Feel free to drop me a line.

  16. BloodyGaikotsu writes:

    I remember seeing Kizu’s BDRemux on nyaa BTW…

  17. Dancho writes:

    Tao, i think you can contact coalgirls on IRC.

  18. Klawdij writes:

    You can use this:

    Many likes fixed with Vertical TL (it’s very good, actually).

  19. Dancho writes:


  20. man00ver writes:

    I vote for Tao’s OT. It’s very nice.

  21. ichigo writes:

    Thank you for the update!

  22. Klawdij writes:

    >I vote for Tao’s OT. It’s very nice.

    Sephirotic made his version better.

  23. Sammy writes:

    I recently purchased/read the English Kizu light novel, pretty cool, can’t wait to see the Dramaturgy/Episode fights animated in all their glory.

  24. man00ver writes:

    >Sephirotic made his (Tao’s) version better.

    I’m pretty sure Sephirotic didn’t use Tao’s TL at all. For personal use I extracted Sephirotic’s subs and planned to transplant Tao’s text using Seph’s fonts and sign formats…got about 65% done last night and I can tell you they’re hugely different.

    I can’t assess the accuracy, but I enjoyed them, and he TL’d from dialogue himself. They surely need TLC/Edit/TS and all the rest of things that make fansubs great, but if Coalgirls is looking for an original base…it appears there’s one on offer and it’s probably worth a look.

  25. coalgirl writes:

    I’ll be passing on Sephirotic. Not to mention that I really don’t trust him after his rants about the audio being lossy and not understanding that DTS-HDMA is a lossless codec.

  26. Wailyn writes:

    Why exactly 31 days though? 😛

    • coalgirl writes:

      By 31 days, the initial exposure will have dwindled down on the release, so we would theoretically not steal any traffic/downloads that should have gone to them.

  27. dwq writes:

    you forgot to drop Koyomimonogatari

  28. Dylan21 writes:

    Commie has released it now, so I guess 31 days from now. (y)

  29. 00SaS writes:

    Yeah… Commie released, but MS is nothing if its not from CG. Hope you guys drop water in your hands and do this ASAP lol…

    We all will be eagerly waiting.

  30. man00ver writes:

    While I enjoyed Commie’s release, I’d still encourage Coalgirls to team up with Tao the Ninja and work from his original TL, as offered in post #15 above. For spicy variety and all that, you know?

  31. Radioactive writes:

    What does it mean that certain series is dropped?

  32. Gotrys writes:

    ^It’s an inside joke. Every Monogatari is or gonna be dropped.

  33. Catullus16 writes:

    Feel free to use my original subs as a base translation if you like:

  34. Catullus16 writes:

    I’ll even throw in a translation of the Commentary to sweeten the deal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. rude writes:

    There are several worthy subtitles available to get rid of liberal trash lines of Commie even further such as Catullus16 #839195 (who says he/she is JP N2 ) and davste0816 #839181 if your team haven’t seen them yet.

  36. rude writes:

    oops didn’t see Catullus16 posted here.

  37. Jake writes:

    Any News on Koyomimonogatari yet ?

  38. KatyaDiDGroove writes:

    i thoght sephirottic covered it… shrugs

  39. KatyaDiDGroove writes:

    neermind shoulda finished reading.. well atleast i thought the TL was above par

  40. KatyaDiDGroove writes:

    when are they animating mayoi hell. hitagi rendevous and ougi dark?, a zoku owari? squeezing into waza and the rest, very confuusing, all that.

  41. 00sas writes:

    Hayaaaa. It’s Sep 16th. Any updates? News? How far are you guys? Thnx.

  42. ThTghstBlk writes:

    Will you be waiting for the official subtitles from the upcoming Aniplex Blu-ray release?

  43. Delta TDK writes:

    I wonder if this is a sign of things to come been no activity for awhile but I guess all we can do is wait since coalgirls crew have life’s to attend to

  44. Jake writes:

    I just hope they didn’t drop Koyomimonogatari since no updates or any type of news if it’s still being worked on. I hope around December it gets released for a great Christmas present.

  45. lf writes:

    dropped, ooook

  46. Charlie writes:

    Kizumonogatari won’t be done until Koyomimonogatari is done. Is that mean you already working in Koyomimonogatari?

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