Hey there. So, I’m sure you’ve noticed that despite my hiatus announcement 4 months ago saying that I’ll be finishing a few things and then stopping, nothing’s been out yet. The reason for that is simple – Koyomimonogatari. I want to get this guy out before I do anything else.

The issue is that the person I had entrusted to completely overhaul the English of the existing scripts, Mashiro, had disappeared. I’d do it myself, but I know well enough that I don’t have the command of English to do it – even though English is my native language, editing is an art and I’m more of a math oriented girl.

I’d still love to do Koyomimonogatari, so I’ve decided to ask the public for help. E-mail me at coalgirls@gmail.com if you can do any of the following:
1. Translate is Japanese -> English at high proficiency. The odds of finding someone willing to do this is a million to 1, considering I’ve been unable to even hire people (as in, pay $$$) to do it, but might as well ask.
2. TLC the existing scripts for episodes 2-12.
3. Edit the existing scripts for episodes 7-12. (Note that if you think “edit” means “correct 2-3 typos per script”, don’t bother. I’m expecting something like 90% of the lines needing to be rewritten).

I’m not going to be a stickler over jobs. If I can’t get a TLC but can get an editor, we’ll edit the existing scripts and put those out. Nobody else is ever going to do this properly, so we can only do the best we can so that the archiveable version out there is the best it can be.

Also note that this is not a high-stress job, as there’s not really going to be a deadline, but you will be expected to give at least weekly status updates should you choose to work on it.

Mashiro’s back! Thanks for all who offered support, though. Also got somebody interested in TLC, so I’ll be following up with you~

21 Responses to Koyomimonogatari

  1. doom writes:

    Sorry but I must ask unrelated question, you said in your older post that despite your hiatus you may still find yourself subbing in the future, so did I misunderstood it? once you go to real hiatus then the site and servers will be down as well?

  2. mashiro writes:

    mashiro here.

  3. Western Union writes:

    Well, thanks for all of your hard work over the years. It does not go unappreciated. Your stuff is the best available anywhere.

    And I’ve seen a LOT of fansubs.

  4. L writes:

    Unfortunately I do not know Japanese and English is not even my first language… But despite what happens from now on, I’ll be always grateful for the amazing work you’ve done through the years =)

  5. mashiro writes:

    To the original mashiro, please respond to the email.


  6. Western Union writes:

    Shit, forgot to change my name back to skyhack!

  7. The actual Mashiro writes:

    I’m the real Mashiro.

    On an unrelated note, my nama is jeff.

    Jeff Mashiro

  8. Gotrys writes:

    So… where was he? Time traveling or something?

  9. lhdlovebooh writes:

    Kristen, I miss you on IRC :'(
    I bet you don’t have cookies anymore

  10. The D writes:

    and one more girl in his harem, dat sleazy bastard…

  11. JSpaces writes:

    I always look forward to your work. It is great to hear that this project is still on.
    Thanks for the terabytes of anime that have made it to my storage for my viewing pleasure!

  12. SilentNN writes:

    Rejoice!! \o/

  13. Yas writes:

    Always randomly pop on here with the hope that you were still possibly active and about! This is amazing news and we just want you to know that you do still have a MASSIVE fan base here, and I for o e would be more than happy to donate if that helps you with spending time with all these fansubs!

  14. Tykee writes:

    will this release be 10bit?

  15. Hatta Yuthafiga writes:

    Mashiro is Shiro in No Game No Live wahaha 🙂

  16. ORRYIP writes:

    I’m happy to edit! As long as there’s a rough translation already done, I can easily edit and fix up any weird sounding translations.

  17. Hiltja writes:

    I am really happy to hear, that my patience, will eventually be rewarded with another quality coalgirls release. Guys/Gals you rock!

  18. rain writes:

    Will you pick up Ranma 1/2 like you did CardCaptor?

  19. Pessoa writes:

    Watching anime with subs since 2008, and you’re my favorite among all the groups.

  20. Dancho writes:


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