If you read this, please check your e-mail.

29 Responses to Mashiro

  1. lolwut writes:


  2. lelwut writes:

    Who’s Mashiro?

  3. Alfredo nm writes:

    Mashiro hello? are you reading this? lol

  4. Peter writes:

    :s I hope Mashiro is okay

  5. Greenliner writes:

    Calling for Mr Mashiro, are you there Mr Mashiro?

  6. ridon428 writes:

    Uhh… What?
    Their Twitter page is blank.
    I don’t have email from either coalgirl or Mashiro

  7. :O writes:

    “Mashiro” is the secret code word for the signal to start the apocalypse.

  8. Kurausukun writes:


  9. Dao writes:

    hi this is mashiro

  10. skyhack writes:

    I read it, so I checked my e-mail. Nothing. On a hunch, I checked my spam folder, and saw this –

    “MAKE some holidays with horny Ardra R.”

    Is this what I’m looking for?

  11. Rlecanarioa writes:


  12. Kernel writes:

    And so the hunt begins, where will we find Mashiro? He must be somewhere on this site but in what corner? LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

  13. Professor Alzheimer writes:

    Why did I even come here?

  14. felisconcolori writes:

    You came because of hope. Because, despite knowing that The Hiatus Has Begun, you still cling to the hope that next time… might be the leap home.

  15. Hazu writes:

    So true^

  16. kbhjfasedhiusfdkbnj writes:

    close enough to a release

  17. Gotrys writes:

    ^ Maybe in a different timeline. This site is dead. Just leave, guys.

  18. Schezza writes:

    I.I..I… wanted to leave a comment too before the site closes.


  19. Cal writes:

    We love and care about you Mashiro.

  20. Mashiro's waifu writes:

    Mashiro is my husbando, keep your hands off him!!

  21. M. Titor writes:

    What if the e-mail was actually a d-mail containing information to stop the hiatus?

  22. Gotrys writes:

    These comments are better and better every day XD

  23. Western Union writes:

    Candygram for Mashiro!
    Candygram for Mashiro!

  24. Poly writes:

    This is a secret code for “Mashiro, We’re going to rapidly fansubbing again.”

  25. Goshtic writes:

    If you look at the tab header, it reads “Mashiro | Coalgirls” – might be a sign, our first clue.

  26. UpURs writes:

    Makkura desu yo!

  27. Guest writes:


  28. BlackHole writes:

    I lold.

  29. Hatta Yuthafiga writes:

    Mashiro NEW OWNER?

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